Starbucks in Delaware

Dover, Dover, Delaware
OPENED: 8/13/2015, PHOTO: 11/11/2015

This is the first store in Delaware's capital, and also one of Starbucks' first Military Family stores.

Greenville Powder Mill Square, Greenville, Delaware
OPENED: 9/18/2015, PHOTO: 10/7/2015

Hockessin, Hockessin, Delaware
OPENED: 1/27/2014, PHOTO: 8/16/2014

Middletown Crossing, DE, Middletown, Delaware
OPENED: 2/9/2007, PHOTO: 8/28/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/16/2007

Glasgow, Newark, Delaware
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/7/2004

Heading into Maryland with time to spare? Hop off the interstate and down to Glasgow for a cup o' joe, and then continue into Baltimore along US-40 and save about $10 in tolls in the process!

Newark, Newark, Delaware
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/25/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 8/1/2002

This store has the best, most authentic brick interior I've seen, and abolutely the GREATEST CEILING EVER! Someone was able to persuade someone to leave the existing ceiling intact, aside from some fixtures for hanging lights. This was an excellent decision and gives the the store true charm. I hope the artwork depicting what appears to be an older Newark is still there.

Rehoboth, Rehoboth, Delaware
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/7/2004

301 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
OPENED: 4/25/2008, PHOTO: 6/5/2008

Although the rooftop seating does not belong to the Starbucks, it still enhances the appearance of this store, making it perhaps the prettiest in Delaware. When you go inside, make sure to look for the images of the Rehoboth beach and boardwalk areas in older times.

Wilmington DE, Willmington, Delaware
OPENED: 9/25/2014, PHOTO: 2/24/2015

Downtown Wilmington is not exactly the liveliest of places, which might explain which it took so long for Starbucks to open a company-owned store here.

Kirkwood Highway (DE), Wilmington, Delaware
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/25/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 9/28/2001

The second location in Delaware.

Marsh & Silverside, Wilmington, Delaware
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/25/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 8/1/2002