Bebek 99074

I've known of this store for years, and now that I finally visit I see that it completely deserves its reputation as one of the best in Europe. You will of course notice the view at first, which can be enjoyed from any of four levels, although I recommend the top floor as the best vantage point--if you can find a spot on the tiny patio, that is. If you can peel yourself away from the view of strait and walk around, you will notice some unique features. On the ground floor, a wall-sized painting of a ship. Go down one level, and you will probably notice a large map on the wall, labeled "Carte de Constantinople", to give you an idea of its age. Look around some more, and you will see a diving helmet on a shelf above a condiment bar, an old black and white image titled "Kiosque de Bebek", a pair of oars, and something else nautically-related that I could not identify. And it goes without saying that the entire store is spacious and smartly decorated. Oh, and it even has a second bar up top--there are only a handful of Starbucks around the world with two bars.