This store has to be the prettiest in Bangkok!!! Built in a 106-year old house, the interior, though small, is replete with a host of old and ornate furnishings and decorations, and plenty of historical goodies are on display. Above the bar you will notice four metal (bronze?) fans, still working, pointing downwards. The condiment bar is a repurposed shelf, and ornate clay containers hold the sugar, straws, and stirring sticks. In the next room you will find a small chandelier-type light as well as two stained-glass windows. Look up and you will notice a wooden ceiling painted with a flowery pattern. On a small table, a statue, perhaps Greek or Roman. To the left of that room is a smaller, cozier one decorated with what appear to be Egyptian carvings and plush curtains. For the history buffs, throughout the rooms you will find mounted on the walls pages from old maps, newspapers, and magazines in French, English, and even Dutch! If all that wasn't enough, a floor plan of the house is etched in metal and mounted on a wall. Finally, the store has a patio, but given how cool the decorations are, I can't imagine why anybody would want to sit outside!