15th & Fremont

SON OF A BITCH!!! They fucked it up! This used to be Portland's coolest store. I even gave it a shout on on "The Wayne Brady Show". But they had to go and remodel it! AARRGH!!! It was sooooo cool the way it was, as my former, now outdate, caption, explains:

This store is Portland's counterpart to Seattle's Phinney Ridge. Decor includes at least three different types of chairs (not the corporate standard, of course) and dark marble tables. The condiment bar is a small dresser drawer, and boasts a mirror so you can check your hair as you sugar your latte. A garage door opens up the front of the store, so the store gets plenty of air. On a wall next to the bathroom is a custom mural. And in a corner, a treasure chest containing... ?