REI Denver

No question about it--this is the cream of the Starbucks crop in Colorado. Now, it does not occupy the entire space, mind you--the flagship REI takes up most of the space. But since the building used to house streetcars back when the world was black and white, there is more than enough room to give the Starbucks enough space to make it the largest in the area (or so it seemed, at least).

But the most unusual aspect of this store is that it is possibly the only one int the country that serves *hot* sandwiches. Their three-cheese and ham wasn't bad, unlike the mediocre pancakes at the now-closed Starbucks Cafe in West Seattle.

The store offers plenty of tables, a couple of sofas, and a row of booths for the more intimate dining encounter. The overhead lights are unsual, covered with an ornately crafted shade of either cloth or paper. The rivets on the huge metal columns holding up the structure are of course genuine and contribute to the realism, as does the metal staircase in the back leading up to nowhereland.

The REI itself deserves mention for being one of the largest, tall enough even to contain an immense rock climbing wall, and even offering this queer contraption--a cold room for testing out sleeping backs and jackets.