Westheimer & Post Oak

Houston, TX

This is Houston's flagship store, and it's pretty sweet. Even though it is not two stories tall, appearance to the contrary, the extra high ceiling gives the already large interior a great sense of ampleness.

I suppose the first thing to notice is the circular section in the center containing both chairs for the loafers and counters (with nearby modem lines) for the studious set. As I understand it, live musicians will be allowed to play in that center section. The track lighting will probably come in handing for this. Outside the center there are plenty of tables, couches, and sofas. The conference/study tables are of a new style, with a thinner slab of wood that is lighter. I like it!

One feature I've seen nowhere else are the bathroom doors made partially of frosted glass. In fact, the entire bathroom is cool, with this whole metallic motif going on.

One downside would be the ugly vinyl couches.

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/4/2001