Starbucks in Winston-Salem

Clemmons Kernersville Winston-Salem


OPENED: 03 August 2007, PHOTO: 30 December 2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 09 November 2007


OPENED: 18 August 2006, PHOTO: 09 January 2007

Hanes Mall Blvd., Winston-Salem

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 12 May 2003


Hanes Mall Kiosk, Winston-Salem

OPENED: 16 September 2006, PHOTO: 09 January 2007

Jonestown Rd., Winston-Salem

OPENED: 30 January 2007, PHOTO: 11 June 2007

Mt. Tabor Place, Winston-Salem

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 11 June 2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 29 July 2002

Nuts! When I visited this store in July 2002, I jotted down a note which I can no longer interpret. It looks like "3000 store" or "3600 store" or "3800" store, but none of that makes sense to me. Maybe the true meaning of the universe, lost forever?


Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem

OPENED: ?? June 2007, PHOTO: ? June 2007

Stratford Road, Winston-Salem

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 12 May 2003

University Parkway_, Winston-Salem

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 11 June 2007

AARRGHH!!! Come on, Starbucks people--pleeease stop giving stores the name (with a space prepended for the new one). I almost missed this store because there is already a University Parkway in Florida. Would have been too bad, too, because this is supposedly the largest in the state, and I was told the sunrise is great!
Closed Stores
Harper Hill Common


Licensed Stores (not operated by Starbucks)

The list below is not meant to be a complete list of licensed stores. Some licensed stores are not listed on the Starbucks web site, and some of the stores listed below might have closed. That's not really important. I only keep track of them so I know which ones I don't need to visit. But if you know for certain that any of these are actually operated by Starbucks, please let me know (and send me a phone # so I can double-confirm).

Embassy Suites Winston-Salem
Harris Teeter-Kernersville #250
Target Kernersville T-2134
Wake Forest University Z. Smith Rey