Fives for Fighting

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life was good. The writer's strike had ended, and the producers of Lost had announced five additional episodes besides the eight that had been shot prior to the strike. On top of this, Carlton and Damon were back behind the myc doing their hilarious podcast. And on a more personal front, I was making good progress in hitting that 18-minute 3-mile mark. I was sure I'd have it within two weeks, well ahead of Bihlmeyer.

I was 40 minutes into the glow that is each HD episode of Lost, still trying to figure out why the episode is called "Eggtown", when the commercial ended and I noticed that the picture was not HD!!! No, no, no, no!!! HD is sooooo beautiful. Did Comcast take my HD away? I was in a near state of panic, but after a few minutes the HD signal resumed. During the next break I figured out that the commercials were not broadcast in HD. I guessed that maybe the computer had forgotten to switch over. Or could there have been an actual person sitting at the controls of the Philadelphia ABC affiliate?

Anyway, the main reason for my panic was that I was still in search of omens that would tell me how the tournament would go. Losing the HD feed--not a good omen.

As soon as Lost ended I jumped in the shower, packed up my things, and left. Snow was a-coming, and I had enough experience in the Philly area to know that Friday morning would be a mess on the freeways. I drove as far as the Wal-Mart in Neshaminy, just 25 miles away from where I was scheduled to meet Bonnie in the morning.

Thursday, February 22, 2008

By 3:00 there appeared to be a good bit of snow on the ground, and I expected that I would have to cancel my appointment with Bonnie.

Around 6:00 am one of the snow plows in the Wal-Mart decided to park right next to my car. Asshole. Parking lot is practically empty, and he parks next to me. I had to move over to the Starbucks parking lot, and as a result it took me another 30+ minutes to fall asleep again.

Bonnie called at 7:44 to say she couldn't make it until 10:00, which meant I definitely had to cancel our appointment. It was just as well, because there was no way I would have made it in time if I had left at 10:00. Speeds were hardly better than 40 MPH through PA and NJ. At that rate, I did not have a prayer of reaching the tournament in time. Thankfully, speeds picked up once I reached the NY Thruway, and it looked like I would be able to hit the Gideon Putnam right around 2:00. But two exits away, a trio of snowplows entered the freeway just ahead of me and proceeded to block all the lanes. Rather than waste time behind then, I took the opportunity to exit and grab some food. I distinctly remembered that I had arrived around 2:00 the previous year but the first round had not started for another 30 minutes. Instead of rushing to the Gideon and then rushing back out again for food, it made sense to get some on the way.

As I expected, even arriving as late as 2:25, the first round was not yet underway. While we waited, Bihlmeyer and I discussed possibilities for mixing Scrabble and running. Any of you spellthletes out there interested?

Sal Piro opened by exchanging seven, draw AAACRY?, and my DEX gave him the hook. He went on to bingo twice more, but despite this I still had the win... until I blew the endgame. Couldn't remember having blown an endgame like that in many, many games. That really sucked.

Next game, Rau. He had much ammo. I felt whammoed. Of course, I would later find out that had I seen JERRY, a five, he would not have been able to play BALDPAt(E) and maybe wouldn't have found d(R)APABLE.

Next, Joel Wapnick, my third consecutive opponent to bingo three times. You can guess how it went.

Thought I was going to lose to Avrin, too. My first three turns scored, 16, 17, and 16, and by the time I bingoed, for just 66, I was still down 56 after Paul's play. When I found myself with HNNSSST while Paul fiddling with his tiles, I pretty much took the game for lost. But amazingly, Paul did not bingo, and I managed to block a good line with ST(A)SH (missing SN(A)TH and SN(A)SH). Yeah, two eses for 20 points, but Paul, without an S, found himself having to exchange. I then bingoed, NeUSTON, and then something amazing happened. Paul hooked INTERnE to my bingo, forming N(T)*, and I missed it. Had I lost, I would have felt even worse than after WOOF(Y)*, but I had the better tiles.

Not good. I'd blown an endgame and let a misplayed phony 2 by. I was truly sucking. Somebody save me.

Synced up with Joe and Sam Moch for dinner. Joe took the wheel, which meant we quickly got lost. I had my laptop, of course, and we soon made our way towards town and to an Italian restaurant Joe had previously visited. The spaghetti and meatballs, was, as I expected, expensive, but I had hardly eaten all day and was able to put away the meal. Sam and Joe went with lighter offerings. I, too, should probably eat less, but I can't help myself. I'm resigned to living out the rest of my life as a fat fuck.

It was no longer funny. It was no longer cute. Four consecutive games drawing both blanks against me. That is very wrong, and that pretty much puts Chris Lipe into the category of raging asshole. I'm pretty sure I do not have a four-game double-blanking streak against anybody, because I understand that that would be fundamentally wrong. I'd say people understand this, just like most people understand that you don't go around kicking dogs. Apparently, these simple principles escape Chris. So the obvious question is, how many dogs will Chris kick today?

Joel Sherman, on the other hand, finally let me have a blank, but he went on to beat me with ENRO(B)ERS and knowing that HONDLE takes a D. Oh, and being sure that JURA takes a T (a must-know five!), which I wasn't. With those two glaring misses I can't blame anybody but myself.

Final game, my best hope to avoid total disaster, Joe Bihlmeyer. The board was tight, and the momentum slowly shifted in Joe's favor. Then he had a brainicular meltown and tried TEENSIE*. Wow, thanks, I thought, and suddenly I had the momentum. But what does Joe do? He plays off two titles, (L)EE for 6 points, and he draws the blank for NOsIEST. I cut his lead with XI for 37, but on that tight board the player with even a slight lead was likely to win. Had I not stumbled across TRIGONS, I would have lost, and my brain would have deathsucked.

No point in leaving. I just moved to the back of the lot for to the sleep, and that worked out fine until the wee morning hours, when the snowplow arrived to clean up the lot. It wasn't so much the scraping sound as the obnoxiously loud beeping when it backed up. I was grateful when he finally left, and I managed to sleep 'til about 7:30.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Headed over to Compton's Restaurant to pick up breakfast. Still no gangsta rappers in da house.

The early bird had been pretty awful, and this caused me to spend much of the morning repeating the phrase "DEATH BRAIN SUCK" over and over in my head. I tried to avoid saying it out loud, out of concern for the mental welfare of others.

Went over to the Starbucks to get online. When I finished my breakfast and got coffee, I went over to the condiment bar, where a middle-aged lady walked over to a younger bearded man and asked him about his mother. They chatted a bit, and the young man mentioned that his mother was in a yoga class. I immediately thought of Bihlmeyer, and my next thought was if I should ask the young man if his mom was hot, thinking maybe I could set something up for Joe. I quickly decided, however, that there was a not insignificant likelihood that the young man might interpret my question in a negative manner.

Joe Jokubaitis looked like he might actually have a chance to beat me, but I took my time, a rather long time, and found the triple-triple EpI(D)OTES through his DESCrIB(E). Yes, yes, most experts are scoffing at the thought that the play took me a while, but at least I found it, so lay off, buster! Anyway, before the game I was commenting to Joe how I was rusty on fives, having been unsure of JURAT against Joel. I said I'd been focusing on sevens and eights too much. But that study paid off, not just with the trip-trip, but also NAETHIN(G) a few turns later.

Rusty on fives I might have been, but I remembered the E hook to EMYD, and that got me the challenge and the momentum against Kevin Colosa. And a turn later, DOATING to put the game away.

I can't help it. I'm addicted to phonies, and I couldn't help playing PAGIND*, leaving T, to open against Joe Bihlmeyer in the hopes that, if he challenged, he'd at least give me the right letter for the bingo. The play stayed, and I went on build a good lead with EX(P)IATEd, which allowed me to get jiggy once more and try (C)OGEIAL*. Joe took that one off, but I still went on to find A(E)ROBATS late in the game and win by over 100. Would have been more if Joe hadn't hit (O)ZONE for 72 at the last minute, but I begrudge him not this offence. I don't want to be too greedy, now.

We top experts like to refer to the lower-rated players as "mice". Some of them can also be "squirrels". Well, mice have teeth, and squirrels have claws. Sometimes those deadly weapons come out, and an squirrel what was merely milky becomes Killer Squirrel instead. So it was that my chance to go 4-0 for the first time in a real Division 1 field was torn about by the sharp claws of the Killer Squirrel. TOStADO to open, followed by HOARSE(S)T, followed by ZOO for 47. When I finally managed a bingo, CRENULE*, I had to slot it in the triple column. I figured I'd be down at least 80 after she played, but it was even worse--she bingoed againt, GELLaNT, and with me holding EISUUVW, I felt I had no choice but to challenge. deathbrainsuck

Sam and Rebecca for lunch. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I did not eat them for lunch, I just took them over to Esperanto for burritos. They approved of my burrito-finding abilities.

Sam seemed anxious to be back on time, so I forwent coffee. Instead, it was my opponent who was late. Cecilia Le. Damn, another woman. I didn't think my psyche could take losing to two women in a row. I think that the pairing programs need to take this (male ego) into a count. If a male loses to a lower-rated woman, then he should not be paired with another woman to avoid the possibility of serious psychological damage.

It would have been a bad loss, too, because I held both blanks. But with LRRRU??, and Cecilia's just having bingoed with R(E)ALNESS, I felt pressure to try (S)LURReRs, and I got smacked. Knowing I felt pressure to bingo, sneaky Cecilia decided to press her advantage with the phony (L)ORDNONS*, and I had no choice but to let it go and keep scoring until I could bingo. I finally got it, a good one, uPFLI(N)Gs, to tie the game. I then managed to draw the better tiles and win it. Yay for my male ego!

Continuing along the theme of ego and women, this seems a good place to report that the tournament saw a fascinating development, the appearance of a female who is an order of magnitude more (conventionally) attractive than any other woman I have seen in Scrabble with the possible exception of Christiane Tran. It's been almost five years since I saw Christiane in Reno, though, so I'm not 100% sure what she looks like anymore--it is possible this new girl is one or more levels above her.

She had been talked into the tournament by a male companion, but their relationship was not overtly intimate, so I went ahead and made a couple of attempts to ask her how she was doing in the tournament. That is as far as I went. There is no future between me and a woman is that attractive. Women with her calibre of looks are used to a certain type of treatment by men, a certain fawning over and persistence, a willingness to accept inconvenience and abuse. Well, homey don't play that any more, so unless a woman who is a "ten" is just falling all over me, I choose self respect over pursuit. Women always disappoint--self-respect never does.

Joel Wapnick couldn't get any tiles to go with his two blanks until late in the game, and I managed to get a couple of easy bingos, TARDIER and MANNI(T)ES, to win that game. I was pretty sure that 5-1 was my best start in a multi-day event with real division 1 players. Furthermore, the win put me in first place. I hoped to retain my position with another win, but I got totally Meinhof'ed by Bader. In a fashion similar to Killer Squirrel, Aaron terrorized me with three strong early plays, two bingoes and a 56-point double-double, and then he proceeded to close up the board while my tiles fizzled. I finally managed to bingo, as my out play, and keep my spread under 200.

Once again Rau walked away with the moral victory, while I had to settle for the actual victory. I screwed the game up so badly that Joel, next to me, had to laugh when Stefan challenged SHEISTy*. After the game both Stefan and Sam Hollington (next to him) claimed that they had never heard the word. I thought it was a relatively common word.

Everybody seemed to have dinner plans already, but that was fine because I needed some alone time to catch up on my sims, and, hopefully, study some @#$%^ fives.

Okay, this is weird. Anxiety about having to play Sherman, Mallick, and O'Laughlin manifested itself in the form of a strange dream. O'Laughlin was in the car with me and a couple of other players. O'Laughlin went back to his room, and later Riley from The Boondocks pointed out that O'Laughlin had failed to inform us that there was a stash of Tec 9's in the car. Why didn't O'Laughlin tell us about the weapons? Don't bogard the weapons, dude!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

7:04, watch the chickens feel. The one in the kitchen got a raw deal.

Back to Compton's for a more substantial breakfast this time. The pancakes were delivered steaming hot, and when I reached the Starbucks I was pleasantly surprised to find that the syrup in the packets was warm and flowed nicely onto the cakes. Ah, it's a beautiful sight, when the syrup runs free like the river.

It's always something, isn't it. I was about the leave the Starbucks to reach the Gideon on time when I remembered that I had not finished downloading new store listings. I was not able to get Wi-Fi in the playing room, and I needed that list so I could make phone calls on the drive down to see which stores had opened.

Of course Joel Sherman is a great player, there is no denying that, but he usually draws both blanks, and he usually bingos before me. In this case, he let me have a blank, but it came too late to do any good. Worst was that he drew PrOCAIN(E) right after his SUBLATE, while my ANISOLE was followed with DEIIIRT. Just 22.9 equity points dropped to lose by 131, making that game a reminder of Albany. Though I was finally drawing blanks against Sherman, shades of the daemonic persisted. Who do I have to be to beat him, Superman?

Came out with the early NOR(M)AlLY following by the (TROAK)ING extension to take the moment against Steve Tier. While not a certain wind, the game turned out to be one of my easiest. The hardest part of the game was dealing with a pesky earworm, MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". It's a good thing my tiles cooperated, because bad tiles + MC Hammer is a punishment too cruel to contemplate.

But who did I have in the next round...? Chris Lipe!!! AARRGHH!!! I asked David how he would feel if I forfeited that round. As I expected, David did not think too highly of my idea. So I sat down to take my punishment, and sure enough the motherfucker bingoed early with the blank (P)roNATED. Now I wholeheartedly feel that the violent tendencies of our ape ancestors need to be bred out of humanity, but as it stands I am still a hairless ape, and I could not help but look at the smugness on Chris' face and feel a strong desire to deck him. Okay, maybe it wasn't a strong desire. I can't be 100% sure of this, because at the time I did not think to stop the clock and ask Chris, "um... excuse me but I think I want to hit you--can I take a break to go blog this so I can accurately record the intensity of my emotion?"

Anyway, with no place for OUTROAR, desperation prompted me to get jiggy and try (REFLEX)OR*. Apparently Lipe is no Bihlmeyer, and the word came off. But, as I had hoped, I got my bingo hook. Of course I had to play it into the triple, and Chris came back with GE(R)MY for 42 to go up 80. I held GIINRW? (finally, a goddamn blank!!!), but I managed to convince myself the (R)eWIRING was no good. Then I saw u(N)WIRING*, and I couldn't remember if it was UNWIRES* or UNWISER. Then I decided that the bingo was not even necessarily the best play. I needed to maximize my scoring, so I tried (REFLEX)ING... and I got the extra turn! Then double-double WAIStER for 98, and all of a sudden I had the momentum! Oh yeah, suck it bitch!!! Now I get to play that close-up-the-board game you like so much. Oh yeah, you look so frustrated trying to open up the board and score too, and boy how it must have sucked when I finally took your opening with CODEINS. That was just icing on the sweet, sweet cake of redemption. I'm not sure what contributed more to the fat chubby I was pitching under the table--the prospect of beating Lipe, or the thought of the hot blonde with whom I had a massage appointment down in Kingston.

On top of that win, I caught a huge break in round 12. While waiting for the pairings, I used the power of positive thinking to will myself away from being paired with Mallick. Even Wapnick or Sherman would have been bad. Aaron Bader would also have given me a challenge, but who did I get--Joel Horn! Sure, Elana or Sam Hollington would have been easier, but I'd take Joel Horn over those other four any day. At least with Horn I had a chance to play words he did not know, like the 5-letter FUMER. No chance of that with the others. Of course, the early blank bingo, a rare occurence for me in my previous 8 tournaments, and the second blank helped big time.

Sam and Rebecca had made me promise another burrito run, so I went out to look for them. Rebecca said Sam had made other plans, and KC was nowhere to be found, so it was just the two of us. As I left, a certain other player stopped to ask me how I was doing. We chatted a bit, and then I Rebecca and I continued on. Once we were out of earshot, I commented that it was almost a certainty that said unsaid player would be gossiping about us going off together. It wasn't so much a question of if she would gossip as a question of how many seconds after we were out of earshot the gossiping would begin. Such is our little Scrabble community.

Of course I do not mean to imply that there is anything wrong with gossiping. That would be hypocritical, as I myself have many times drank from Gossip Girl's Bottomless Well of Scrabble Intrigue. In fact, I maintain that gossip would not even be an issue if humanity could shift its paradigm and realize that the very concept of privacy is flawed. Humans have the ability and propensity to lie and deceive, and deception creates all sorts of conflicts. In the absence of some sort of mind-reading ability, the best solution to the problem of deception is to create an infrastructure under which all humans are required to record every aspect of their lives for everybody else to see. If there are no secrets, then gossip is meaningless.

I had the ammo to beat Joel Wapnick again, but I blew it. I didn't play crappy, but to beat someone at Joel's level you have to be better than "not-crappy". MATZO to open was a good five, but TOPAZ would have been a better five. Besides scoring more, Joel wouldn't have hooked a T, and I would not later have lost a turn trying to hook an S. Another five, COV(E)Y, put me in the lead going into the endgame, but I just couldn't find the right play in this situation. I post the position, but I almost think the win is too easy to find. Why I did not, I'll never know.

Annotated Game

I didn't feel so bad about that loss, though, because it meant I had to play Seth Lipkin instead of Joey Mallick. It's not like I was going to beat both Joel and Joey to take second place--that would not have been a realistic expectation. Instead, I got Seth, and I totally blew the game in so many ways. It was horrible. It was the very living example of deathbrainsuck. Seth exchanged 7, and my opening rack was AEELRZ?. I saw REALiZE, of course, but I somehow thought that the play will slot right next to the TWS. I went for LAZEREt* instead. GOOOOOONG. Then Seth played UNSEX, and instead of playing my bingo I decided to challenge. Then Seth plays COMFORT, and I'm in real trouble. Even after REgLAZE(S) for 88 I was way behind, but the tiles still cooperated. Had I played just slightly better I would have won handily.

Giving up third or even second place in such a big tournament like that was a pretty awful turn of events, which is why it is so bizarre that I left at peace. I was not consumed with the regret and self-loathing that invariably followed lousy tournaments. I good part of the reason could have been my focus on trying to reach Kingston by 5:00, but I know full well that I am capable of driving and hating myself at the same time. So what was the reason for my peaceful easy feeling? I might never know, but I like it.

Because the owners of the spa are those lazy type of people who actually like to close up shop and leave on time, I was not able to get a full hour of massage. But that wasn't the worst of it. No, when returned to the Thruway I found traffic backed up for miles. Something had happened between the time I exited the Thruway and when I returned, and quickly lost the relaxed state that Elizabeth had put me in. After Lake George, after Albany, and now after Saratoga Springs--each time traffic southbound on I-87 had been backed up. What is the problem here??? Do all the assholes decided to pack it up and head to upstate NY every weekend?

Part of the problem was a bus stopped in the left-hand lane (asshole drive), but the delays persisted for miles after that--I never figured out why. The upshot of these delays was that I reached the Luis Restaurant in Elizabeth so close to closing time that they had run out of beans. I had to go next door to the Mexican restaurant for refried beans, and they are just not the same a whole red kidney beans. Just so y'all White people out there are aware, Mexicans are not the same as South Americans (right, Cesar?), and Mexican cuisine is rather different.

I slept fine until about 3:00 AM, and then the shield of peace and contentment that had surrounded me began to break down, attacked as it was by the swooping ghosts of regret. They came down from the sky with their silent shrieking and forced me to churn my losses to Wapnick and Seth over and over in my mind.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The regret solidified once I saw the standings and the prize money. I should have found that winning play against Joel, even if it meant losing to Mallick. And my loss to Seth--that should go down in history as one of the biggest examples of Scrabble choking ever.


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Early Bird
#1 - Piro    
1.9 DEX  
0 JA(R)GON  
2.5 BUD(G)E figured I would draw crap anyway so might as well score
0 A(A)LII  
0.1 UDO  
0 CO(O)P  
0 RIV(AL)  
0 Z(A)  
7.3 FIG  
18 HA  
0 MORN  
#2 - Rau    
0 QUA(N)T  
12.7 (P)ROP  
3.8 S(O)JA  
0.3 NUN  
0 (C)OMB  
10.3 RAT  
7.3 OLEIC  
0 YE(T)  
#3 - Wapnick    
2.6 YURT(S)  
5.1 LIN(E) LA(Y)IN
4.7 (F)AINtERS (SI)REnIANS (it takes an S!!!)
36.4 lose challenge (PA(T)ULENT)  
0 ZONE  
3.1 HEWN  
17.5 ADO DEODArA three-tile underlap
0 D(A)VY  
3 EAU  
10.4 (W)OO  
1.8 PI(C)  
7 Do  
#4 - Avrin    
1.6 GLO(A)M  
4.3 (ZEAL)OT  
44.8 G(R)EW  
0 QI  
4.7 LAKE(R)  
3.8 NeUSTON  
6.4 WASP WIS (17 fewer pts at this stage in game? NO!!!)
#5 - Lipe    
0 WAB  
4.5 SIEVE  
0 FU(T)ON  
0 AXE  
12.2 PI(L)EA  
2.3 O(H)IA  
0 AL(K)INE  
6.3 LONE  
0 QAT  
12 NO(V)A  
#6 - Sherman    
0.2 rEA(R)GUED  
0 VIM  
5.9 IDEA  
30 lose challenge (HONDLED)  
#7 - Bihlmeyer    
0.2 BROOD  
0 TAJ  
2.5 -LMNRRTV keep RT
5.1 WI(PE)R  
0 OUTS TOLUS,LOTUS (miss U hook for NIT)
11.3 GEY  
10.7 VIL(L)  
0* CURF ignore Quackle since Joe has high bingo chance
0 XI  
10.2 EN unsure of (CURF) hook
6.8 VE(E) block line
16.7 O(I) block Q(I)

1 - L - 4.0 (52.3)
2 - L - 5.3 (63.6)
3 - L - 7.2 (100.2)
4 - W - 7.9
5 - L - 9.6 (125)
6 - L - 8.3
7 - W - 5.2 (78.1)

Avg: 6.8

Main Event
#1 - Jokubaitis    
0 EH  
12.3 PAIRE(D) P(E)R(E)IA,P(E)R(E)A
0 EpI(D)OTES  
2.6 FAY HAAF (no way, too risky)
6.9 F(A)INT  
13.3 JO JUN(T)O
4.2* (T)ROVE VE(E)NA
0 SUQ  
0 ANOA  
#2 - Colosa    
0 MOW  
0* GYVE  
0 (C)OXAE  
0 HA  
0 ZOA  
2.5 J(O)SS  
3.3 LIEF  
3.7 LO(P) TO(P) (favor ADIOL over ADIOT???)
0 TINE  
0 EAT  
1.9 BI come on Quackle, gotta block that S
0 TUP  
#3 - Bihlmeyer    
0 (W)EEK  
0 QAID  
6 LOWE LOWE L2 (not the time to open 3x3)
43.2 lose turn ((C)OGEIAL*) secondary goal is to get phonies past Bihlmeyer
0* RIYAL  
0 JO  
0* SORRY  
0 SUN  
#4 - Lehrer    
0 PAX  
34.6 lose challenge (GELLaNT)  
0* -IUUVW  
1.4 HI HIRSLE,HIRSLE (want to keep S for bingo)
7.4 O(N)  
0.1* DURO  
0 FU(N)GI  
0 TUB  
13 A(R)C CAI(R)D
0 DI(B)  
#5 - Le    
0 D(O)UX  
0 WOVE  
0 JEST  
57.3 lose turn ((S)LURReRs*)  
0 RUR(A)L  
3 MI(L)O bingoing alone wouldn't be enough--need to score then bingo,(E)MbROILs,gLoOMI(E)R overlap,bLoOMI(E)R overlap,(S)tORMILy,(S)LIpfORM,(S)ILkwORM
8.6 uPFLI(N)Gs miss G(HI) hook,FLaG(S)hIP
#6 - Wapnick    
10.9 ATTIC  
0 POOV(E)  
12.2 J(O)E block line
0 Q(I)  
8 (P)ENS ONES/(W)E/(I)N/(R)E/(e)S
0 LO(W)E  
#7 - Bader    
0 (H)OVE  
0 FLUE  
23.1 (F)IZ B(O)Z(O) wow, serious mistake
3 B(A)N  
5 JU(G)  
12.2 M(AE)  
15.1 IGL(U) must open board
49.2 BI(T) too desperate to bingo
15.6 Y(O)  
#8 - Rau    
1.4 wIGLETS  
8.9 NAN  
1.2 U(D)O  
0* MOOD DOMInOS (unsure),DOdOISM
32.2 lose turn (SHEISTy) HESSITe (miss overlap),SITHEnS,aSHIEST (miss overlap)
33.4 lose turn (SH(IN)nIEST*) ditto
12.8 THEIStS  
15.4 GLEY (B)IGLY,(B)ILGY (only 36 pts vs 49)
0 C(O)B  
0 (EX)IT  
#9 - Sherman    
0 DEICE DECILE (unsure)
0 (C)URTLY  
0* HOW(E)  
4 A(G)E  
7.6 TIED (N)IDI (gives up 9 pts but leaves EIRT)
0 FAY  
0 hERTZ  
#10 - Tier    
0 FR(O)NT  
0 LEZ  
1.3 REVUE  
5.6 DU(E) TAU(TEN)
1.9 WEEN  
0 A(N)  
#11 - Lipe    
0 PUNA  
30.7 lose turn ((REFLEX)OR*)  
9.2 (REFLEX)ING (R)eWIRING (unsure),WRI(N)GINg
0 WOT  
5.1 V(A)LET  
0 DAD  
9.6 VAR VANG (give hook at this point--no way!!!)
9.8 GI(G)  
0.1 R(E)C  
8 (I)F  
3 AIT  
#12 - Horn    
0 JUS  
3 ZO(A)  
5.4 C(A)RN weak block
7.4 VETO  
16.1 IKAT AT
3 sAD  
0 L(ATE)  
#13 - Wapnick    
2.5 (FE)LID  
0 UnTIR(I)NG  
0 FEED  
26.7 lose turn (AVES/(MATZOT)S*)  
15.8 TAG weak
0 COV(E)Y  
0* SELS  
42 LA(C)Y LA(C)
0 WO(E)  
0 (L)I  
#14 - Lipkin    
33.4 lose turn (LAZEREt*)  
31.4 lose challenge (UNSEX)  
55.9 INDE(X)  
7.7 YE  
0.7 TITIS  
0 (HO)BBIT  
16.8 RAIDED  
5.7 KAF -AEFKOOQ (give up 32 pts???)
40.9 Q(IS) HE (blocks bingo)

1 - W - 6.4 (83.3)
2 - W - 1.0 (13.6)
3 - W - 5.3 (68.3)
4 - L - 8.4 (126.3)
5 - W - 6.0 72.6
6 - W - 7.5 (97.3)
7 - L - 11.9 (154.6)
8 - W - 8.4 (118.1)
9 - L - 1.9 (22.9)
10 - W - 4.2 (50)
11 - W - 5.2 (78.5)
12 - W - 3.8 (52.6)
13 - L - 7.6 (114.3)
14 - L - 15.5 (201.3)

Avg: 6.7

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