The Way of the Nutsack

Final Update (except for sim results): October 22, 2007, 1:04 PM.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Following my disastrous final-round loss to my most least favorite opponent, my thoughts were consumed with getting back over 1800 and thus prolonging my life. My saving grace was the knowledge that I only had to suffer a sub-1800 rating for three days before the first Lake George early bird. By mid-day Wednesday, I had pretty much mentally checked out of work, and I left right at 5:00.

I had plenty of time to get to Lake George, of course, but I had a few stops to make along the way, and I left in a hurry in order to reach Reading before the sun set. After reading I stopped at the Lehigh Valley Mall in Allentown, then te Best Buy across the street for some replacement earbuds. I finally had time for food, though I did not expect to find anything too appealing in that part of town. So imagine my surprise when, next to the Playtime Boutique, I spotted a Jamaican restaurant. I mentioned my surprise to the cashier, and she reported that there was actual another restaurant downtown, and that Allentown has a good-sized Jamaican population. Yeah, that's what I thought the first time I visited the town--this looks just like Jamaica!

While I waited for my meal, my thoughts could not help but turn to a report I had recently heard about homosexuality in Jamaica, and how prejudice against homosexuals is deeply ingrained in that society. If the report is true, I cannot help but feel a deep distaste for Jamaicans, and I myself am put in a situation of possible prejudice, because when I meet a Jamaican I have to wonder--is this person a bigot? Would this person, under the right circumstances, attempt to physically attack or even kill a homosexual? If the U.S. really wanted to improve the world, rather than simply securing its oil supply, it would invade Jamacia and cleanse it of this prejudice.

From Allentown I skeddadled on to Stroudsburg. I made it to the Starbucks minutes before it closed, but it did not matter because I need to spend the night and take a photo in the morning. Though there was plenty of activity at 10:00 PM on Main Street, just a few blocks away on a side street I slept undisturbed.

October 18, 2007

Wednesday afternoon had seen an e-mail exchange between myself and a couple of players regarding a difference in viewpoint about social issues. I answered a couple before going to sleep, and then sometime between 10:30 PM and 3:00 AM a new e-mail arrived. When I woke up to go find a Wi-Fi signal and download shows, I should have gone back to sleep immediately. I should not have checked my e-mail, and I definitely should not have taken the time to compose a lengthy response. The effect of this was that I shifted from half-asleep to full away, and it took me a long time to fall asleep again.

Several hours later, at 7:00 AM, I felt very sleep deprived. I only had 220 miles to drive, with a stop in Middletown, but I still feared that if I overslept and woke up past 8:30, I'd be cutting it too close. So I downed one of the coffee samples I had saved and managed to get 30 minutes more before getting up at 7:33.

Went back to the Starbucks for juice and extra coffee, and the baristas recommended Mollie's restaurant, where I took away some mighty hearty pancakes, delicious and fluffy enough to rival those from the Comfort Diner (with no slight intended towards Ira's yummy yummy food).

It just wouldn't be me without a food spill of some sort, and Thursday's offering was spaghetti from Gino & Tony's. Besides getting in on my jeans let, it also got all over my crotch. In the bathroom, there were no paper towels, and the warm air dryer was too high to reach my pants. My first thought was to ask a certain player, just arrived, to blow on my crotch (not to imply that she's full of hot air, mind you), but I judged that she probably wasn't drunk enough for that.

On the lighter side... free Wi-Fi!!!

Early Bird #1

My everpresent concern over luckbagging scoundrels manifested itself in the very first round, when Lydia Kera jumped to a lead with the double-double CLUsTER. Fortunately, though I never bingoed, I scored well and managed to keep the second blank out of her grubby little hands.

Dan Milton also bingoed first with the blank, (E)nFORCED, and later with the second, MA(C)ErATE (nice one), and I was greatly relieved that I had decided to execute a preemptive nuclear strike in the form of GOONEYS. Turned out the word is good, but I had no idea. Still I actually had to bingo to beat him, (L)EDGIEST.

Outblanked again, by the howling tiles of Mike Wolfberg. The game was a sure loss, and I was psyching myself up for the pain when Mike surprised me by missing (E)VITE, which would have allowed him to go out first. This allowed me to go out first, and to score enough additional points to tie the game!!! Wowsers!!!

I managed to bingo with a blank against Randy Greenspan, but I blew it by missing MEASLED and attempting MEALED* instead.

My second game ever against Nutsack McFunk, and once again he drew like a demon. (D)EMONIZE, to be sure, followed by H(O)BBY for 54 and then VIRELA(Y)S for 70 to take a 62-point lead on a virtually closed board. I finally did manage to open bingo lines and get down ALUMINE, but I was too far down to catch up, and with the last blank (I had drawn the first for SAInTLY), he won handily. He is really pissing me off.

Outblanked yet again, third time in six games, and I only narrowly escaped a loss when SAUNTER materialized on my rack just when Richard decided to take a chance on creating an opening in order to score on a tight board. I was glad to have won, and also that I got to play Richard, because his rating would help blunt the loss. I was still going doing even if I went 4.5/2.5, but maybe so so much.

And finally... the long awaited rematch with a nemesis who, though languishing in rating, still possessed some deadly weapons. The game was looking pretty good when I opened with GENTL(I)NG, WE for 34, and DoURIN(E)S. But out of the dark depths of perdiditon she pulled SETTEES, and I lost a turn. I got the turn back with B(E)RME (a more surprising challenge, in my opinion), but the game still went the way of the Nutsack. Her tiles just worked out better in the end, and I lost by 13. I knew when I drew AAIOOOY that that rack was going to destroy me.

I walked away from that game feeling like Bugs Bunny versus a boxing kangaroo. Or like Hank Moody from the latest episode of Californication, in which he gets into a ring with a woman he had forgotten, and she proceeds to beat the crap out of him.

To add to my irritation, Terry had used so much time fuddling with her racks that my chance to see Michael Clayton down in Queensbury was blown. I'd been anxious to see that movie for weeks.

Thoughts and dreams of marsupials consumed a night in which each awakening was met with a headache increasing in intensity. I drank more and more water, but the pain abated not a whit. A perfect end to a hellish day.

October 19, 2007

Woke up at 8:00 with a screaming headache. Who knows the reason? Caffeine withdrawal? Hunnger? Being kicked in the head by a marsupial? I desperately wanted more sleep, and with the sky overcast I gave it a try, but I was much too anxious about the next early bird. I had visions of my throat being slashed by a large knife. However, I was unable to form a mental image of exactly what would happen to me after my throat was slashed. I daresay I preferred not to find out.

For breakfast I found Peter's Diner in Glen Falls. The place looked vaguely familiar, but I could't say for certain whether I had been there before. Oh, curse this fading memory of mind.

While I waited for my french toast, I was simulating the marsupial game, and I noticed that she had opened with a vertical play, just like her husband. I wondered if both of them opened with vertical plays before meeting each other, or if one influenced the other. It's not that important, of course, but it's hard to ponder life's serious issues while waiting for french toast.

A few doors down from the diner was a soup kitchen. I gave the place a wide berth, figuring it was teeming with filthy, disgusting poor people, against whom I have extreme prejudice. And not without justification--how do I know that poverty, like HIV, isn't spread through casual contact?

Hung out at the Starbucks in Queensbury, and the coffee did help ease my headache. It did not go away completely, though, and I started to feal some queasiness. Marsupial-induced anxiety, or was I getting sick?

Early Bird #2

Looks like the Bottomless Well was tired of taking shit from me, because he came at me hard. THIRLED to open, and just when I took the lead with AdAPTER/P(REMIX), he got down FINALES. He continued to score well, but he gave me the back hook for TALKY to make my AGONiST a 93-point play, and I ended up winning in by 18. But, like he said, he was getting closer.

UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!! I was virtually assured of my revenge against Nutsack McFunk when he stumbled across the craziest luck ever. I was sure I made the right plays that scored rather than giving up equity to block unlikely bingo spots, and the motherfucker drew into some ridiculously improbable bingos anyway, (S)ANITIZE and then R(E)PROBED. The latter was extremely improbably because it had to begin with an R tucked between and E and another R, or to begin with A(E), even less likely. Looks like McFunk is the new Robinsky, except that he's nowhere near as good as Rob, just lucky as funk.

Things went from bad to worse, as once again a game that looking positive, after hitting SLEAZIE(R) for 104, went south quickly. Back to bag bingos, O(U)TGUIdE and QuININS put Randy into the lead, and there was very little ammunition left in the bag to catch up.

Oh, but it got worse. Richard @#$%! opened with CAIRNED, HEAVIER, and OvE(R)RELY, the continued to score, 32, 26, 36, 31, 37, 26, 26, and 37 to guarantee that no matter what I did I wasn't going to catch up.

Meanwhile, to add to my irritation, the playing room was infested with flies. And they wouldn't leave me alone. And no, it had nothing to do with my natural manly smell--it hadn't been that long since I'd showered. Maybe it had to do with the shit that I was drawing?

Oh, and one more thing. I know was Annette was only being nice when she offered me a discount for posting results, but I think she was under the impression that I was short of funds. Impoverished, if you well. I know she didn't mean it in a mean way, but I flinched at being included in the same sentence, even in implication, with those filthy poor people that are ruining our country. Yo, I gots money. I gets money. I ain't poor!!!

Final game, against the only person doing worse, Nameless Opponent. ZIN(G)ED for 54 followed by BELUGAS gave me enough of a lead that when Nameless scored with DATIVES I was not worried. I felt completely in control, and completely certain about the only bingo possibility I saw in EGISUW?. Don't worry about what it is, because the word is phony, but when Nameless played (R)EUNItER to the triple column I pounced--158 for GUyWI(R)ES*!!! Technically I could be accused of coffeehousing, because I said "you're not going to like this." But I wasn't trying to fool Nameless. I was 100% certain I had seen GUYWIRE* before. There was not a in my mind. I'm still amazed by how certain I was, but what's more amazing is that Nameless let it go. Wow on that, and wow on my stupidity for being so convinced it was good.

And now for something completely different, dinner at a place called East Cove with Terry, Joe, KC, Rebecca, Bailey, White Marsh, and some new guy named Mike Fleck who already has a fan club. I can hardly describe the wacky hijinks that transpired when all of us were put together in one place. Let's just say that I remembered why I like to drive myself everywhere. I tagged along with a certain somebody behind the wheel out of concern for the environment, but I had to wonder whether saving the environment is worth my life.

On a lighter note, perhaps the funniest part of the evening, besides the gossip about XXXXXXX XXXXXX and YYYY YYYYYYY, was our pathetic attempt to reconcile the check. After the first round, we were still short about 16 dollars, and we had to go a few rounds until a few of use kicked in some more money. In my case, I ended up paying $12.33 for my bowl of soup, mashed potatoes, and tea. For that amount of money, I could eat for a week in Panama. And they say Scrabble is a math game? Oh, and let's no forget the math grad student we had in our company!

Wait, I take it back. The absolute funniest moment of the night was when Joe threw up a gang sign and boldly proclaimed, "yeah, I got style!" I have never wished for a cell phone camera more than I did that night. That's the kind of moment that makes me glad to be alive.

The Main Event

Something different, we Divison 1 players were sequestered in a separate room (as we should be). Joel Sherman had to come get me, because I had missed the exodus.

The nutsacking began early. Despite RAIN(I)EsT and TANYARD(s), Sue Tremblay started off with (R)AVIGOT, DELEtE(R)S* (she could just as easily have played DELEtES, so why challenge), ZO(E)A, and then proceeded to score well on every single turn. I never had a chance to catch up, and it got as bad as suffering through three vowel deficits before finally havving to exchange. After the game Sue wanted to kibbitz, and I flat out told her, "I don't want to talk about this game. This was bullshit." It was all I could do not to scream and go stomping out of the room. Waitaminute... I think I did go stomping out of the room. I think might have felt a bit like Frank did when I bingoed on him in New York, but Frank was too much of a pussy to say anything. Some people might called that being "polite" or "sportsmanlike".

Almost got Nutsacked by Mic Barron. SA(N)ITIES through his CR(O)WDiNG gave me the lead, but a few turns later he got NOVICES. I struggled to find the best plays (don't know if I did) annd keep up. Feeling he had the second blank, I was almost hoping he would go ahead and bingo so I could clean up my rack and play (V)EILER for 39. But no, he blocked it with the simple (K)AGU, leaving me to take a big gamble. E(D)ILE for 22, to tie the game, at N2, hoping that he would not see the A hook. He didn't, and when he bingoed with T(R)AsHIER I was able to play WAX for 36. The game still would have been lost, but I got a huge break, BOZO/(J)O for 54, and finally I was able to find a good overlapping final play to win by 4.

Against Tim Anglin it looked to be a long game as we made short plays. He was apparently struggling for a bingo, while I was just trying to balance my rack and score. When he finally bingoed, SOOTIER, I was still ahead, and a couple of turns later I took a chance on GAUGERS, and this broke the game wide open. By the time I made the obligatory choky mistake, ALLOTed, I was so far ahead that it hardly mattered. I then made another mistake, playing reALLOT when there were other safer plays. Tim happened to be holding PINCHES. Had he seen the hook, he still wouldn't have won, but he would have cut the spread significantly. Quackle will penalize me severely for that one.

October 20, 2007

At dinner the previous night I had complained about the 8:30 PM start time for the main event. I thought this was much too late, and at 7:17 AM Saturday morning my fear was made manifest--I unable to resume my slumber. Barely 7 hours, not enough, not enough. With a cup or two of joe, I would be able to make it through many of the games, but I was going to crash at some point during the afternoon.

A heartier breakfast from Peter's this time, pancakes, death eggs, and death bacon. The pancakes were not nearly as good as those from Ira's, but you don't really expect a small town neighborhood diner to have the best pancakes (hot cakes, they call them). As long as they are adequate, it's okay.

Back at the Starbucks, I experienced a devastating shock. For months I had been assuming that Stephen Colbert is Canadian. But in recent days, since he announced his Presidential bid, I started to wonder if everybody was overlooking the fact that only citizens born in the United States can be President. So I went to Wikipedia, and lo and behold, it reports that Colbert is American. What??? But he's so cool--he must be Canadian!

I was surprised to see the Stark-Fujikawas at the Starbucks. I thought I was the only one who would drive that far (just 9 miles, really) for Starbucks.

Arrived back at the Tiki in plenty of time to feel the wratch of Avrin's revenge. It was a straight-up Nutsacking, the only noteworthy element being that I was a bit more aggressive than usual, opening up spots all over the board hoping to capitalize. I never did.

Meanwhile, Pigeon Boy reports that he uses a black tablet, not a blue one like I reported. Journalistic integrity being a cornerstone of my existence, I feel compelled to set the record straight.

First time against Karl Higby, and I have to admit the game was well-balanced. In the end, a bingo through the least-probably line, HA(Y)RIDES, gave him the win. Actually, I take that back--Karl's pulling BROWNIE(s) immediately after (E)TESIANs--that was lucky.

Had my first easy game of the tournament, getting back at Buck for his outdrawing of the previous day. My only troublesome moment was when I held CEIPRT? and only saw PICRaTE that slotted the P in the triple column. Actually, I saw (L)EPRoTIC but wasn't sure. I also saw EnTROP(I)C and nEPROT(I)C*, and unfortunately I chose the latter. Fortunately, Richard did not try to block PICRaTE, and a few turns later he opened the board up for my GUARANI, and that was the game.

Meanwhile, a certain player learned an important lesson about the perils of drinking. "Monkey toes", I believe he said, were responsible for a physical state that resulted in the forfeiture of the morning's games. I told the guy, that's why you don't drink the night before a tournament. If you're going to drink, do it during the games (after every bingo).

AARRGHH!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!! I made a couple of brilliant plays at the end, (TA)QUERIaS for 104 followed by COM(F)Y for 46, but my motherfucking opponent totally Nutsacked me by getting the easy-ass CONSOlE(D) with the board bingo-unfriendly, and then as I struggled to create an opening and draw a bingo, he played the pedestrian TENDRIL. At the end, I tied the game, but he went out first to win. FUCK!!! So tired of this shit.

Wow. How bad could it possibly get. I drew both blanks together against Steve Goldberg, and my game was still crap. I hesitated to pull the trigger on caNVASS, playing VANS, and then Goldberg proceeded to waltz TENAILS onto the board, opening up the 3x3 line. But what did I have? IIMUS??!!! What the hell am I supposed to do with that? I saw MUSIcI(A)N through my A, but I wanted the triple-triple, or at least to block the S. Despite setting up a MI(S) word, I failed to see MI(S)USIng, and that cost me the game. Steve went on to play QI(S) for 36, then A(C)TIONED* (which I confused with A(C)TIONER, even while seeing CATENOID and wondering why I hadn't seen the anagram), then (O)XO for 58, then GAZETTE. Fucking hell.

The tournament official became a Katrina-level disaster when I was Nutsacked by none other than the player who lost all his games in the early bird. That's sinking pretty freaking low.

At least I avoided that ELE (extinction level event) that would have ensued had I been Nutsacked by McFunk himself. And it looked like it was heading in that direction when he played SOFTIES to almost close down the board. Fortunately for me, he was the one to open up the board and allow me 40 for ZI(N)CED to get back in the game. Then I drew LETTeRS for the lead and stumbled across BE(Z)EL then QUALE for 57. I still worried about the Nutsack though, and did everything I could to close down the board, probably giving up equity in the process. But in the end, I prevailed.

Why is there a spider on my screen?

At least Hollywood can still make an excellent movie. After several weeks of waiting since missing sold out screens in NYC, I was finally able to see Michael Clayton. In the movie there was a scene in which Clayton speaks to his son in a very reassuring manner, telling him that he was stronger inside than his weak (addiction-prone) uncle would ever. I wonder how my personality might have been different if my own father had ever spoken to me in such a positive manner.

The overall theme of the last three days had been one of irritation. So it was appropriate, I suppose, that much of my night was disturbed by an uncomfortable itching in a certain part of my body. I'm sure those who are perceptive can guess which part it was without my having to post a photo.

October 21, 2007

8:01 AM, pretty much as close as I wanted to cut it, with all the things I needed to do. Groceries, coffee, breakfast, personal hygiene (European style), a new photo of the Starbucks in the subdued morning sunlight.

Instead of Peter's (no time anyway), I remembered that The Silo, next to the Starbucks, is a bit like Cracker Barrel and serves biscuits. Blessed mercy, I got my order in just before a crazy rush of elderly patrons, though I still worried that I would be delayed in paying. Still, I ended up losing about 5 minutes off my clock. Jeremy Hildrebrand asked me if I was okay to play five minutes short (as if I had a choice), and I promptly replied, "Of course!" Then I proceeded to play PFT*--off to a wonderful start. Fortunately, Jeremy's tiles seemed to be dreck, and I managed to scored better on my next two turns and then bingo first, BREAThE. Towards the end Jeremy managed to retake the lead with TREaTI(N)G, but FRI(T)Z for 51 vaulted me ahead, and I had superior tiles in the end.

It was my first time against my next opponent, and I had very much been wanting to beat him as we skirted past each other at several events, never meeting. Oh, count thee the reasons that I needed to beat him. One... two... three... four... that I knew of. I was sure there were more.

And finally, John Luebkemann, a frequent opponent of late. After exchanging GQ (a highly appropriate exchange given my sense of style), I bingoed first with SNORTER. A few turns later he came back with (I)SOGRAMs, but I was far from out of it. I took the leave with a 40-point PAVED, but he bingoed through, MINI(V)ERS (missing (P)RIMINES). I held the blank, though, and was hopeful. My tiles never jelled, though. When John played FAY at D2 (not sure if that was a mistake or gamble on his part), I held one of the two remaining Os, but EIIIN? to go with it. Crap. I played ION (should have played OI instead) and drew more dreck, CEGIIU. (F)UCI was the highest simming play, I was sure

Okay, make that five. Five reason to be jealous of that guy, and to want to crush him over the board.

During almost every game that I had lost, I was certain that I was being outdrawn. Against Joel Horn, however, I could see that I was playing poorly. Early on, I missed an overlap that would have scored 33 instead of 19. I saw it right after Joel turned the board, but I quickly dismissed the mistake. If I had played ELK, I would not have had the K for 48 to take the lead. I recovered from that mistake, but my next big mistake would cost me. The board continued to be tight, even after Joel's double-blank sTRIGiL (a brilliant play, I have to concede). It was the type of board where your plays have to be perfect, and you have to see every opportunity. I didn't missing the A hook for MAXIM, and that ended up being a deadly mistake.

On the bright side, allowing Joel to win meant that he was less preoccupied about what I had done to his board. Not being satisfied with pouring spaghetti over my jeans, I repeated my old shaken-OJ trick. Yep, I forgot that I had not replaced the lid, and when I picked the bottle up off the floor and gave it a vigorous shake, I splashed juiced all over my scoresheet, my rack, tiles, Joel's board. I went into a state of panicked scrambling and rushed the board to the bathroom. The napkins David Goodman had quickly brought over were ineffective, they kept ripping as I wiped them across the ridges on the board, so I rushed out to the car for a towel. Joel, if you are reading this, I assure you the towel was freshly washed.

Mine wasn't the only wackiness going on. Tempers were a-flaring at a table across the room. I didn't hear what happened, but I gathered that one player complained about the game being one-sided, and his opponent must have been unsympathetic and done nothing to easy the sting of the heavy loss (300 points or something like that). The resulting blow-up made my little outburst on the first night seem like nothing.

Final game, a rematch against McCraw, and another tight board. I started to surge ahead until Mark slotted BUT under the triple column and caught me not just without an A, but with GIIOPWU. Fortunately, he only scored 30 with LEAK and came short of taking the lead. I then resumed building up my lead, but when I created an opening (still the best simming play), I gave Mark the hook for RUSTLER to take the lead. I was able to score along the triple line and recover, and then I drew a blank for (R)EADdING. Then the second blank, and that was the game.

Later I would learn that I missed a sweet disconnected nine, COcO(A)NU(T)S. Disappointing. Those opportunities come infrequently. Furthermore, every time you miss a disconnected nine, Shiva the god of death kills a kitten.

So I ended up 7-8, rather disappointing especially on top of having lost boocoo points in the early birds. With the ratings changes from those tournaments factored in, I didn't even feel like trying to compute my new rating, and I just hoped the ratings would be posted quickly so I could see what the damage was. I had to expect to be well under 1750 and unable to cross back over the Line in Philly.

I returned to my car to find a surprise visitor, a ladybug. She was a welcome sight, a good omen. Perhaps an omen that my two-week slide had ended, and that I would be opening a can of whup-ass on the fields in Philly, Bayside, and North Salem. Or perhaps an omen of positive things to come regarding a certain someone who, unlike other females, did not scurry away when I spoke to her. Definitely a good omen, because god is always sending signs to special people like me who are touched by grace. A ladybug, a shooting star, a cigarette butt on the floor--anything could be a sign.

Stopped in Kingston to reshoot the Starbucks (in Ulster, actually), gas up, and find some dinner. Near the Bank of America I saw a sign for Tranquility Day Spa. I figured it would be closed on Sunday, or that, if open, it would be an Asian parlor. Wrong on both counts--it was open, and the massage therapist was white, young, very cute, and available for a massage. Excellent service, a rare random find.

Down in Kingston I rolled up and down Broadway and finally spotted Mi Ranchito, serving Salvadorean food. Like almost every Salvadorean restaurant I had encountered, the plantains were ripe, not green, but they did have yuca and chicharron.

October 22, 2007

Arrived at work shortly before 10:00 AM and checked CGP. Saw the message from Annette reporting that results had been posted to the NSA web site. Felt quite a bit of trepidation as I clicked through to the results. Early Bird #1 had taken me to 1762--worse than I thought. #2 took me to 1742. But was 7-8 good enough to at least maintain that in the main event? Noooooo, not even close. 1706. No, no, no!!!


Early Bird #1

10.8 RI(T)Z  
0 BEVY  
1.7 QUAI(L)  
0.8 JOY  
0.7 HEAP  
0 TAIN  
13.7 HAK(U)  
0 WA(R)  
25 FrO V(A)NPOOl
26 (A)VO  
0 JO(E)  
0 (T)WILL  
4.8 OX  
9.4 AG  
9.8 HINN(Y)  
10 FI(E)  
5 (P)ALL  
0 S(E)I  
4.5 VALID VAILED,VIALED (saw both but unsure)
7.8 -CDGOQ  
4.6 (V)AUGE  
11.5 OCA  
9.3 OCA  
0 AERO  
12.8 IRE  
0 AW(A) ignoring Quackle b/c only chance to win is Mike miss (E)VITE
0 SUIT  
0 HEX(E)D  
0 AXE  
0 AAH  
0 GOOK  
0 (T)rEADING  
0 FORT(S)  
8.4 TRUT(H)  
2.7 WOO  
50.3 lose turn (MEALED*) MEASLED
6.1* Y(AW)S  
11.6 T(E)RN  
2 EDS  
0.9 SAInTLY  
0 RI(n)D  
10.8 DONUTS  
0 (A)FOOT  
7.6 KER(N)E  
9.7 OC(E)AN trying to open board
10.7 (P)IC why doesn't Quackle like opening board???
0.3 UNWED  
3.6 FRITH  
0 QI  
0 JORA(M)  
9.9 (C)WMS  
0 EX  
0* NEAT  
0 (S)E(R)  
0 WE  
39.2 lose challenge (SETTEES)  
14.8 ZI(G) B(E)ZIL
1.7 (T)OQUE LOU(D)EN/O(W)/U(H)/E(M)
3.1 LAUAN  
0.5 -AAIOOOY  
20.1 LEK LOA(D)ED (same wacky overlap as before!)
14 AY now I know I suck
8 (I)ON  
0 DO(R)R  

1 - W - 8.2 (115.3)
2 - W - 3.0 (39.2)
3 - T - 6.3 (95.1)
4 - L - 11.9 (167)
5 - L - 7.1 (85.6)
6 - W - 2.5 (28)
7 - L - 9.2 (137.9)

Avg: 5.9

Early Bird #2

7.9 (H)OWLER  
1.2 -MNRVW  
0.2 AdAPTER  
7.2 MAC  
0.2 JET  
24.5 GN(AR) ST(A)NGiNG (saw but no idea)
0* B(L)INI  
5.8 QUAI  
2 BE(I)GY  
0 FEU  
7 SI SIC (unsure)
15 C(OR) CO(L) (unsure)
0 QAT  
2.9 FINO  
2.1 KAF  
4.5 JUGS  
0 WITH(E)  
0* ENAtION*  
0.3 C(AR)RY  
0 DEY  
65 VER(Y) wow that was my most stupid play ever
16.4 EAU  
27 BI(N)GE  
4 SAI(D)  
0 FRIT(Z)  
0 DAK  
0 PEG  
2 JILTS J(O) (no way!!! gives up 34 points and leaves a prime spot!)
0 HEWN  
2.9 YIN  
0 HUE  
3.3 CLOT (L)ICTOR (Fuck! This was my chance)
29 AB BOLIVAR(S) (I take it back--THIS WAS MY CHANCE!!!)
0 VOX  
6.9 (C)AIMAN  
0 ZA  
0 AlA(M)ODES  
7.9 BIOG  
0.4 FOP  
0 JET  
0 CWM  
10.5 (J)ET  
0 AY  
57 VENTURI(C) hail mary b/c spread don't matter
2.6 P(O)D  
5.7 GRO(T)TO  
0 ZIN(G)ED  
0 HAAF  
0 QI  
0 W(A)T  

1 - W - 6.0 (90.5)
2 - L - 9.6 (125.4)
3 - L - 3.4 (37.2)
4 - L - 8.5 (94)
5 - W - 6.1 (73.2)

Avg: 6.7

Main Event

4.3 OUR  
0.7 RAIN(I)EsT  
0 OX  
2.6 FACT  
0.6 T(A)MP  
0 PUN(T)  
5.4 -DFNTVWW keep NT
0 QI  
6.9 L(I)E EELRS much superior to EGORS
0 (A)GORAE  
12 FEHS game lost--hoping to draw challenge and cut spread
0 CAYS  
0 DID  
5.6 DOTY  
2.5 VIDE VIDEO (debated back and forth)
3.4 LINK  
0 ORZO  
3 (OH)MIC trying to create volatility
4.3 CELTI(C)*  
0 EON  
14.8 (G)REY (G)UY (my first instinct)
4.1 FA  
3.1 J(E)T  
1.2 BOUTED  
9.5 (V)AKIL  
3 VOW(S)  
1.1 Q(A)T  
0 CR(U)D  
15.3 CAL(I)FATe (R)AFT,FLA(W) (considered passing up bingo but decided against it)
0 (A)XE  
5.5 (C)L(A)G  
0 (P)URGED  
11 (N)ET  
0 SIS  
7.6 -QY (DEES?)  
8.6 JE(W)ED  
5.1 FAD  
12.2 GOO GO(AD)S
1.4 EF  
2.1 (ZA)P PANEL(I)ST (doesn't sim highest)
19.3 H(U)E  
5.3* LITAN(I)ES  
39 WIRRA  
0 (C)I(G)  
0.7 PETIT PETTI (unsure)
6.4 FRET  
4.5 MILCH(E)D*  
0 COOK  
0 (N)AVY  
0 (O)X  
6.5 QU(AD)  
5 TOTEM need A for big Z play
6.9 HIR(E)D need A for big J play
11.1 ZINE still trying for that @#$%! A
0 (H)AJ  
4 BRR  
0 (R)ULIER  
3.9 CAME  
1.8 (F)IG  
1.9 P(I)AN  
0 ZI(N)CED  
0.2* LETTeRS  
0 BE(Z)EL  
0 WAUR  
0* KEN  
6.1 EH  
0 JIV(E)  
0 R(E)NeW  
25.9 lose turn (PFT*)  
0 HEMP  
0 FL(I)CK  
0.6 OXO  
2.3 SOLI  
0* WAVIE(R)  
0 FRI(T)Z  
0.7 AEON  
0* JE(E)D  
0 GAS  
3.7 POIND BIPOD (saw instantly then forgot)
0.4 BOA  
0* P(O)RGY GYM (miss overlap),GRYP(HON)
1.6 SLUM  
0.3 WIN  
8.9 KERB don't want to give up X to a counterplay
2.2 SEX block line & set up killer METH/(SEX)T play
1.7 METH no way Quackle, METH is the play
17.3 ZARF mistrack an E thus fail to see UNROLLE(D)
0 -GQ  
2.1 UDON  
6.1 AHOLD OHO (doesn't open the board)
0 QAT(S)  
14.6 BU(T) (Z)EBU
3.5 ION OI
0 (F)UCI  
12.5 ENGIRDs (LEAFLET)ED,(LEAFLET)ER (only chance is to take the 39 points and then bingo)
1 BO(N)ES  
6 ADO  
1.5 CLOYS  
7 (C)ETE  
9.3 LIVE  
7.1 WH(i)N  
17.8 (Q)A(ID) HAO/(MAXIM)A (killer mistake)
8.7 FOES  
0 (DO)UR  
4 CH(I)AS SAUCH (misse AWAIT hook)
0 XU  
1.8 -GIIOPUW  
2.8 QI  
3.9 HIREE  
0 HERO  
4 NEVI VENIN (scores better but doesn't block obvious lines, with both blanks unseen)
0.3 (R)EADdING  
0 DOT  

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