Viva Laughlin


Friday, September 28, 2007

As I drove down towards Baltimore and the heavyweight field that loomed there, I wondered if I should have been studying the previous night instead of watching The Brave One. Despite the poor reviews, I couldn't pass it up, being a huge Jodie Foster fan. Terrence Howard has been doing some good work too. While the movie did turn out to be exploitative, and the ending very incredulous, watching it still gave me a chance to contemplate the issue of vigilantism for a couple of hours. Playing executioner to criminals is something that I suspect many people have thought about at one time or another, and it is an issue that hits particular close to home for me. I spend much of my time thinking about all the people in the world who create conflict and destruction, and how they all need to die. I regularly wonder if, when the time is right, I will be capable of taking that step. It is not entirely pleasant, spending much of your time thinking about killing other people. Who to kill? How to kill them? How many I can kill before they get me? Heavy questions, all.

Because of a warning from coworkers about traffic around Newark (DE), I took US-1 instead of going through Wilmington to I-95. I could have picked up I-95 around Perry Hall, but I decided, what the heck, and just stayed on US-1 all the way, figuring I'd find food. In Rising Sun, I spotted home cooking from a resturant called Spread Oak. They got my meatloaf wrong the first time, spoiling it with gravy, but I didn't mind going back in because it gave me another chance to ogle the extremely cute young waitress with the snow white skin, freckles, and a beauty mark (otherwise known as a mole). She had a little meat on her bones, but there is nothing wrong with that. Better than a toothpick (or, to borrow a phrase from a recent NPR show about eating disorders, a paper clip).

They fixed the gravy problem, but the meatloaf was still unappetizing because it was chock full of onions that were not sliced small enough. I don't mind the taste of onions if they are finely sliced so that I don't notice, but when the pieces are large enough for me to feel with my teeth, I start to feel nauseated. I had to dump half the meal out, and later that I night I would find myself feeling extremely hungry.

Arrived early enough to stop at the Yorkridge Center Starbucks and hang out for a while downloading stuff. I was chatting with the supervisor when I spotted Jeff Cook as he was walking out. Since he was playing Division 2 he wished me luck in going undefeated. I was appreciative, but fat chance of that.

A customer, slim, bandanaed, and a bitch sketchy-looking, overheard and start asking me about the Scrabble. I answered his questions and told him about the event, and he related a story about how he was in a "place" where had had to play Scrabble all day long. Well, he didn't have to, he said, but he did anyway. Might be a bit of judging a book by its cover, but I had no doubt in my mind what place the tattooed man was referring to.

Reached the Days Hotel right on time, rocking Snow Patrol then Cilvaringz

Starting the tournament with ADEELOS was a good sign. Finding the bingo within 5-10 seconds was a good sign. Failing to find the bingo within 1 second was bad sign. Mike Baron's challenging the bingo--scary sign!!! Believe me, I took no pleasure in such a well-reknowned player making a mistake like that. rIVE(T)ING put me up 137, and even after Mike's ROMAN(C)ES I was up over 100. I wasn't relaxing, mind you, because with bingo lines open, all it would have taken was a second bingo and a big play for Mike to catch up. But once I got down (D)ELAINES, the game was in the bag, and I was able to relax during the endgame and shift my focus to what was happening at the next table.

Cecilia's mystery opponent finally showed up, with his clock reading 3:00. But unfortunately for poor Cecilia, if anybody could play under those conditions, it was Matt Graham. To make matters worse for her, Matt Hopkins came over and specified that Matt had 7 more seconds. Might not seem like a lot, but Matt Graham can do a lot in 7 seconds. To wit: 2:53 - HAIKA; 2:37 - IN(T)ERReX; 2:29 - O(X)IDE; 1:58 - HOMESTAY; 1:21 - TON; 0:57 - SWART; 0:48 - either ELOIGN or AM; 0:22 - IOTA; 0:16 - CRE(VICED); 0:06 - WINO; 0:02 - FUGS; 0:00 - ZED; -0:03 - NARES. Even with the 10-point penalty, I think the spread was over 150.

Marjorie said she didn't mind waiting for Matt to finish, but Cecilia had over 7 minutes left--that was too long. So we got started, and I leached some of the Speed Force from Matt, like the Flash. QI was obvious. I saw LENTOID instantly, as well as ATONAL to hit the triple, then HERO off the triple. I saw IGNEOUS instantly, but it wouldn't play, and it took me a few seconds to see the play off the L and decide that I was confident enough to risk playing it, at 23:39. Another few seconds to decide whether NEUTRAL takes an S, and the game was looking pretty good. Still over 20 minutes left four turns later when Marjorie finally opened up the board and gave me (P)ARVEnUS, and then, holding the second blank and IIMSTU, I burned through a lot of my time seeing if I could set up a fifth bingo.

I promised Joe a new animal nickname, so I finally have to break out Stefan "Bau Wau" Rau, which I'd been holding in reserve until it made sense. Not sure when exactly it would make sense. When he turns into a dog? When he starts collecting dogs? When he becomes a rapper? Anyway, I went into our game hoping that his work in DC had truly kept him too busy to study. I wasn't necessarily convinced by what wifey said--she might have just been trying to lure the competition into a false sense of security. But I was hopeful nonetheless. Never found out either way, as ENOlASE and AERIEST aren't the most difficult of finds. I followed his first bingo with TODD(L)ERS, and the game was definitely winnable, but I paid dearly for what otherwise might have been a simple mistake. Failing to tack the F onto BRIE left me with CFN, a significantly inferior leave over CN. After EX for 36 ease the sting of AERIEST, I held the blank, but no vowels. Had that F been replaced by a vowel, who knows what might have happened. So I had to make a choice--F(I)N or F(I)ND. Quackle likes the latter, because playing off that extra consonant would increase my odds of drawing a bingo. The problem I saw was that Stefan could block the S hook easily with a two-tile play at 8N. F(I)N, on the other hand, left me three hooks... but only if I drew into a bingo. Which I didn't.

As I sped southward I started thinking about how my body simply couldn't handle playing fatigued like it used to. My disastrous sleep-deprived performance in Farmington as still fresh in my mind, and I decided to alter my plans and visit those NoVA and DC stores on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Despite my one loss, I was feeling like I was playing strong, and I did not want to screw that up.

At 3:07 (I am not making that up) I woke up restless. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was perhaps another sign of a connection with Matt Graham. I headed up towards Catonsville, but not before making an unwanted 16-mile detour towards DC. I had forgotten that whenever I park at a rest area knowing I will be returning in the opposite direction in the morning, I need to go ahead and make my u-turn and sleep on the opposite side of the freeway. Otherwise, chances are good that in the morning, half-asleep, I will forget to turn around and start heading the wrong way.

Up near Catonsville I exited I-695 and headed eat instead and wandered around the seedy part of town (well, I guess that's probably all of Baltimore, really) for a while. Despite the lateness (or earliness) of the hour, plenty of seedy and unsavory characters were about. It's a safe bet that anybody wondering around at that time of night has a good chance of being up to no good. Yet, 3 to 4 AM is the best hour of the night. After 4:00 AM, people start getting up and going to work. Before 3:00 AM, some people might still be heading home from the bars. But between 3 and 4 there is a certain quiet eeriness in the air, plus no small measure of danger if you are in the right part of town. Take, for example, a narrow neighborhood street where I had spotted a pair of young females who looked decidedly out of place. They looked more like the sorority types that stumble out of the bars closer towards downtown and the Inner Harbor. So I turned down the street to get a better look, and down the block was a truck stopped in the middle of the street. I did not want to trap myself, so I waited. Once the truck appeared to back into a parking space, I proceeded, past a tall dark man who eyed me the entire way. Up ahead, the truck pulled out of the space. The dark man started towards my car. For a moment I wondered if this was setup, but the truck was just angling to fit into the space, and I squeezed past him. At the end of the block, I got a better look at the woman, and they weren't all that.

In sharp contrast to the air of danger inside the loop, I was sure that thing were peaceful in the Catonsville residence of Flo and George Spanfelner. I wondered how they might react to a knock on the door, or waking up strange nappy-headed looking man on the front porch. Nah, I was fine where I ended up, in the parking lot of the Starbucks. I hadn't expected to be able to park there, because of nosy cops, but by the time I arrived, around 4:30, there was already a car in the parking lot and a barista inside getting the store ready to open (at 5:30).

I was good and tired out, but I didn't go to sleep right away because, just when I parked, a cop entered the parking lot and stopped in front of the Starbucks. He then proceeded to pull up in front of the each business--the Kinko's, the shops next to it, the Asian market. I had no idea what he was doing, so I waited until he was well across the parking lot and other (baristas') cars had arrived before I settled in to sleep.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Around 6:30 I awoke and went into the store for coffee, to drink later. What I really wanted was to be able to have that coffee cup and receipt on my dashboard in case the cop returned. I doubted that they would stop him from bothering me, but I'd at least be able to claim I was a patron.

Around 7:30 I was having one of the most horrible dreams ever, that my camera was broken, when voices awoke me. I got up and noticed a pair of cop cars about three spaces over. They immediately drove off, however, and I'll never know if they noticed me or not. I debated whether trying for 30 minutes more sleep, but I decided that would be pushing it and quickly down the coffee from the dashboard, took a photo of the store, and headed downtown.

"Hands Open"

Did the new store on Charles St. as quickly as possible and then got a little mixed up getting to the Inner Harbor, and the clock was fast ticking down. The manager/supervisor at the Inner Harbor East store recognized me, and this helped get me out of there with a sample more quickly, but it was still 8:40, and I needed to get breakfast. No time to stop at the Whole Foods at Mt. Washington Mill like I had planned, but I lucked out and there was another Whole Foods near the Starbucks. 8:48 by the time I started driving away, and I was soon on I-83, where the speed limit was just 40 MPH. Usually a speed limit that low on an interstate would elicit a snide remark about inept DOT personnel or traffic engineers, but in this case given the curvy nature of that stretch of freeway, perhaps they were onto something. Eating my breakfast was a challenge. I envision a hell of a road race in which the goal is to drive the 9.5 miles from the start of I-83 out to I-695 as quickly as possible. While eating pigs feet.

Arrived quite a bit late and thinking I would once again have to channel Matt Graham and play quickly, but my opponent, John O'Laughlin, was even later. He seemed a bit out of it, or perhaps irritated, like someone had taken the laugh out of O'Laughlin. Maybe it was that my board was hard to turn. Or maybe it was my having opening with REFRAiN. And then, as he was catch up him, that I hit again with double-double IOLiTES. I was feeling hopeful, but after one more good score, BELOW for 32, my tiles took a swift turnaround: AAHIOUV, EEIOOUV, AEINNOU. John, meanwhile, bingoed, R(E)LISTED, then IMPEND for 44, then (P)IQUET for 34 to come within 21 points. I held DEEILNU, the J and S were in the bag, and I felt like I was going to be screwed if I didn't draw one of the two. I'm still amazed that I managed the win, and only by finding NURLE(D).

Another heavyweight followed, Sammy Okosagah. Though he bingoed first, GR(E)YNeSS, I came back immediately with FOOTIES and went on to have a ridiculously good draw. Perhaps my greatest bit of luck was that I, unknowingly, mucked up the T hook for FOOTIES, which I had not seen. Had Sammy been able to make a play there, I'm sure he would have seen it.

Meanwhile, I remembered that I needed to give a shout out to the Texas contingent, at least four strong. No, five, if we are allowing Carla to calling herself a Texan now. I'm sure she has Chris's vote, but suspect others would feel Texanhood requires more time in country.

With 4 wins down, and thinking 8 got me back to 1800, I was hopefully going into the next two rounds. I knew Marsh had had a lot of life stuff to deal with, and I hoped this would give me an edge. I never got to find out, because a couple of easy bingos, dEWAXES and NEGATOR put her on a track to an almost-certain victory. I let her lead plus a bad rack, AEIINOR, rattle me, and I lost a turn with (B)AIN*, but the game was probably hopeless by then.

In sharp contrast to the events depicted in the previous Thursday's season premiere, it was I, Bizarro, who prevailed in the never ending battle against the Last Son of Krypton. After the game, he took me to task for letting him have the bingo at this point.

I'm still unsure about that position. I don't see a slam-dunk block, and I finally decided that by taking the 31 points for (Q)I, even if he bingoed I could go out first, because it was likely that he would end up with two of the U, W, and Y that were still in the bag and not be able to go out in one. He debated me on this, as well as my decision to play GIgGLIE(R) and D(I)TZ. That's fine--if I'm going to give shots, I can take them as well.

Much better meatloaf from the Corner Stable, a quick photograph of the nearby Starbucks, and then back to the hotel to see if I could rack up another win and move further into the top 10 and ahead of You-Know-... no, I can't write that. As much as I love clever wordplay, that would be much too mean.

It was irrelevant, anyway, because I was once more paired against the Inmalleable Joey Mallick. GAAAAHH, but hate playing Joey. I know he's the #1 player and worthy of respect and all, but what kind of a chance do I have when he always opens with the blank??? Sure, (P)AnDOURA* is a phony, but how the heck could I know that? It's well beyond my reach. Fine--he gets his blank and his bingo. I'd still have a crack if the draw was fair, but then he gets HALOGEN right after, and then blocks the only place I could bingo with my EEIPRST. So with a blank out, an ess on the board and another in my rack, I figure it's worth gambling on setting up an S hook, and not only does he have the S, but TRANCES too!!! And yet, my 90-point (D)REAMeRS put me within 80, and then HA(R)E for 36 and WOW for 36 got me within 54, but he hit both the X and Z for 52 apiece!!! AARRGHH!!! MASHPUHFPAH!!! (Is that a word?)

On the way to Baltimore I listened to an NPR report about the demise of the passenger pigeon. Perhaps the piece was prophetic, because I broke a 2-or-3 game losing streak against Pigeon Boy.

Final game of the day, Jason Bednarz, a player I knew nothing about, except that he was pulled up to Division 1 against his will. That fact spoke volumes for his confidence, and I positively tingled at the thought of getting to a 7-3 record and beating my expectation with three to go still. Nope!!! Scratch that--I was wrong. My real opponent was Jamie McCune, an 1800 player. Thanks to Wi-Fi and, I was able to quickly pull up his record. Oh... solid 1800 for several years. No piker, he. Solid enough to know that THIO doesn't take an S, the critical play of the game. Outside, Darrell Day commented that I should have known that. I protested that it's a long list, but I have to concede that he is right. To play at the 1800 level I have to know which 4s don't take eses.

Son of a bitch!!! As I sped towards Annapolis, I discovered that Jamie had played (N)I* to get a big X score. I suspected he had done it on purpose, hoping I wouldn't notice after having been rattled by losing the turn. Oh, he moves towards the top of my shit list for that one. Yes, sir, he surely does.

Annapolis, then Glenn Dale, then Beltsville, then Los Arrieros, and finally a visit with ex Michelle before begging off her invite to sleep on the couch so I could spend the night close to the new Oakton store.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

At 6:05 I set my alarm. When it went off at 6:55, I barley heard it. Wheat's up with that? I purposefully set my ringer to its highest volume, but that had no effect on the alarm. Wack.

From Oakton sped (carefully because of the VA cops), to Alexandria, 7:45. 8:02 exited I-395 in DC to face the uncertainty of the surface streets. Ostensibly Massachusetts Ave and Connecticut Ave, for 9 miles to the Starbucks and then I-495. Speed was slow because of traffic, lights, and the ever-present fear of gestapo, aka the DC Metropolitan Police. Taking a wrong turn and getting off Mass Ave by mistake didn't help. You try driving DC streets--they really can be a bitch.

8:21 hit the Van Ness store, back in my car by 8:24 with 4 miles to the freeway, 54 miles in all to Timonium. I was definitely going to be late, no question about it. Couldn't do anything about it Connecticut Ave, not just because of the cop a few cars back and one lane over, but also because of photo enforcement. I'd already received a warning in the mail from the cameras.

8:33 hit I-495, 50 miles to go, and I floored that motherfucker. For a bit, and then I had to slow up because of a Crown Vic a quarter-mile or so up ahead. I couldn't tell if it was a cop or not. Turned out not to be, and I really hate people who drive Crown Vics.

Hit I-95 and boosted my speed even more--most cars doing about 80 MPH. Passed a cop writing a ticket, and I guess he had just finished because he was soon visible in the rearview mirror. That's the problem with being at the back of a pack, you are the first to be spotted by a cop. I had to slow down until I saw him exit, and then I really floored it, hitting speeds close to 100 MPH whenever there was a stretch on which it was impossible to be spotted by Smokey.

9:03, passed I-795, not that far. Padonia exit came up quick. Rushed into the room looking for Wapnick, but it was Jeff Cook who waved me over. I was a bit puzzled. The day before Wapnick had indicated we were playing, and I had spent the better part of the night worrying about the game. Really, I know there are better things to spend my dreams on than Joel Wapnick, but I was still in the running for 3rd, maybe 2nd, and I was mighty hungry to win that game.

But hey, I'd take originally-second-division Jeff Cook in a heartbeat. And just 3:27 off my clock--I took that too, and off and running was I with HEEZE. Built up an early lead, then Jeff came back with SIERRAN. I retook the lead with a couple of good scores, and then Jeff jumped ahead with SPOUTED. But I held the blank, for ViBRAT(E)S, and then it was all about endgame. Played it poorly, I think, and only won by a nose with the aid of the second blank. But hey... I'll take it.

Next up was Noel Livermore, and I started to have thoughts of Stamford, where a favorable draw that last day led to my victory. I wasn't thinking about 1st, of course, but 3rd was still entirely possible. But once more I lost the game to a blank misdesignation. This time, amazingly, I both wrote and called out an R for ROArTE(R)S*. A million playable bingos, and I had to call the blank wrong.

A few days later, at work, a coworker suggested that my mistake might have been due to a form of dyslexia. A chilling thought, if I gave it any credence whatsoever, but I was defiant that there was no way I have any form of dyslexia. Absolutely not. Then he suggested another reason might be stress. That I'll definitely buy, given what was at stake.

Next up Matt Graham, and I figured I was in for some bad tiles after favorable draws the first two games. Instead, I completely drew the bag. Hardly anything noteworthy, except that at the end I was proud of myself for playing ATONAL for just 16 points in order to reduce to bag to just 6 tiles, thus preventing Matt from being able to bingo twice. Sure enough, he bingoed, RELUCTS, and who knows what might have happened, with a line still open, and a second line created by RELUCTS, if I had just made a small play, like AY, for more points. I consider that a minor transcendent moment, the realization that there was a third way to win the game. Scoring is the most basic. Blocking bingo lines is a second. But a third, and one that less skilled players might not realize, is that shortening the game by playing more tiles is another way to be defensive.

Oh, and FEDEX--I was tickled to be able to play that.

Noel Livermore again, and, like a retard, I lost another turn by mistake. This time, I was so focused on the hook I'd learned for ANNUL that I completely failed to realize that it's two Ns, not two Ls!!! Didn't even occur to me that the spelling might be wrong. I still would have won the game, except for Noel's lucky back-to-back bingoes at the end. I expected one, after he played (R)E for 2 points, but not two. Thing is, I almost played SWINE for 43, but at the last second I deicded that keeping EI was better than AI, and that it would be easier for Noel to bingo to the E than to the N. Well, I was wrong, and he got NEGATIO(N) on the triple. He would have had it anyway with SWINE, but just above the triple, and I would have scored with my AEFITZY and probably won. Instead, I when he hit again with RaVELIN, he was just too far ahead for me to catch up.

In the days after the event, I would wonder whether, instead of taking the points for SWAIN or SWINE, I should have played made a play like IWIS or WAINS to block the line that Noel had opened with (R)E without creating a new line. IWIS for 28 would have been a solid block. WAINS for 31 would have reduced the line to a bingo ending in A or O. Both give up significant equity over SWAIN or SWINE, but is that what I should have done, with the scores that close?

Actually, since whatever rating I would have picked up from a 9th win would be hard to defend, worse than losing the game is the uncertainty I felt over AACENRT. That word is high-probability enough, and I have seen the anagram enough, that I should have felt no uncertainty, no hestitation. There are many words and skills I need to acquire to get to the next level, and instant recall of high-probably bingos is not on that list. No, mastery of the high-probability bingos is a must for my current level, and perhaps even a common trait among lower-rated players. I need to get to the point where I do not even worry about recalling those bingos and focus on more advanced words, tactics, and strategies. I take no joy in the fact that I found the bingo, because the hesitation alone is bone-chilling.

Yes, it was disappointing that I failed to win that 9th game, but I still had a pretty good tournament, scoring wins against Okosagah, Graham, and the eventual winner O'Laughlin. Given the strong players in my field, 8 wins had to put me back over 1800, and my estimate was 1812. If accurate, that would be yet another new peak ranking! No, no, wait--forgot the multiplier drop at 1800. I'm guessing at 1806.

But the rating is not as important as the confidence boost I received from holding my own in that field and beating some strong players. Furthermore, I learned some important things. Matt, for example, admitted he had not seen the front hook to ANNATES. I saw it right away, although I had no idea if TANNATE took an S. O'Laughlin happened to get GOET(I)C* past me, but only because I was nervous and not paying attention. Had I thought about it, I would have remembered that I had been through the list of six-letter words ending in IC. I couldn't remember most of the words on the list, but I would have had a small degree of confidence that GOETIC* was not on it. Very soon one of these 1850+ players is going to try a phony like that against me and suffer a shocking turnaround.


0 IWI(S)  
0 (W)IZ  
0 rIVE(T)ING  
0 (D)OTTY  
8.7 VA(I)R  
15.2 QUA  
0 ME(T)E  
6.5 (M)EOU  
21 S(I)P ALFAS (5 tile overlap)
0 QI  
0 HERO  
0 FOG  
2.5 BATON  
8.1 LEG keep tight & block (ON) line
0 (P)ARVEnUS  
0* MI  
0 WITE  
0 (R)USh  
2.4 -PQ (NORST)  
0 BONG  
0 EQUI(D)  
7.5 THAE  
0 (F)AG  
18.3 BRIE BRIEF (killer mistake)
0.6 EX  
13.8 F(I)N F(I)ND (felt F(I)N was better for hook)
36.8 lose turn (CYCa*) seemed best chance to win
0* SPiCY  
0 JA(D)E  
1.7 REFRAiN  
0 M(i)XT  
0 (F)AVOR  
0 (R)AG  
0* A(R)ID  
0.4 IOLiTES  
2.3 AAH  
4.2 O(G)IVE  
5.7 NAOI wrong place
0 E(Q)UID  
0 KA  
0 NURLE(D)  
17.1 TRIO miss (FOOTIES)T hook
13.2 (G)EEZ  
0 JU(G)GLINg  
0 HEX(E)D  
0 QAD(I)  
0* BO  
10.6* BE(T)ON  
0 (ZA)IRE  
0 DR(AM)  
1.1 WRY  
4.5 ZEAL(S)  
0 C(ZA)RS  
0 (J)UTTY  
3.4* G(R)ITH  
33.6 lose turn ((B)AIN*) flustered
2.2 ANI  
14 EU(R)O (B)OUT
1.2* IMIDE  
4 NEVI  
0 (B)AUD  
0.4 GIgGLIE(R)  
6.4 LOOI(E) defense
40.6 lose turn (FE(I)OJA*) miss F(LOOIE) hook too
6.4 FORE FORA (want A for (t)aj)
7.1 DI(T)Z  
21.6 R(AD) block P(REX)
8.7 Q(I)  
0 YU(C)A  
0 NEAT  
7.7 OPIATE (R) exch O
5.1 R(U)NNY Y(O)N (need points!)
0 QIS  
0 (D)REAMErS  
5.4 HA(R)E  
0 WOW  
0 BOD  
0* VIVE  
0* A(Z)ON  
6.5 (L)ING  
0 REG  
4.8 C(L)UMP UP
0 (d)ELUSTER  
1.8 CRAZ(Y)  
0.4 DISH  
5.3 DOR(M)  
0 VET  
5.9 IF RIF (wanted R for possible bingo,plus no empty bag)
24 (XI)S  
0 (D)ARN  
0 (AXE)L  
4.9 TANGY  
0 LAO(G)AI  
0 VOID  
0 HEAT  
0 JU(R)A  
29.8 lose turn ((THIO)S*)  
0 ES  
0 EWE  
0* Q(I)  
0 (XI)S  
6 F(O)E  
0 (J)IG  
0 sAE  
1.1 (J)OEY  
0 XU  
5.5 (H)ALITE TELIA (unsure),(H)IATAL
0 QI  
0 GAUC(H)E(R)  
8.5 (E)RAS I'll take the points thank u
0* (A)BODE  
0 ViBRAT(E)S  
27.8 GILT LOTTInG (unsure)
3 TONE  
0 GaT  
43 TRIC(K) VICTR(E)SS (saw but absolutely no idea),everything else
2.9 CWMS S(TRICK) hook
0 WI(N)DY  
1.1 VENAL  
0 GOOF  
14.3 TEASE plenty of bingos hooking S(TRICK)
0 Q(U)A  
27.3 lose turn (ROArTE(R)S*)  
4.6 TA(W)ER played too many tiles & drew crap
0 OI  
10.4 O(C)A stupid desperation
23.3 HM HEIMISh,HI (should have played off an I!!!)
0 SEI  
0 (T)OrII  
0 HOBO  
0 VOW  
0* TINCAlS  
0* (A)WL  
2 (C)OAL (C)OALA (unwilling to create another line)
7.7 ATONAL guarantees win by preventing 2 consecutive bingos
19 MY disregard YIP at D2 b/c of Q stick
0 Q(I)  
43.1 lose turn (AN(U)LL*)  
3.7 (T)ALL  
0 CATERAN REACTAN(T) (saw after I played)
0 M(E)EK  
0 O(C)EAN  
4.2 (S)QUIRrEL QUE(L)L (except that Noel had U and would have zinged me for 45)
7.3 HEH  
0 B(L)OT  
0 SWAIN cost me the game--SWINE would have won
0 ZIT  
0 CAFE  

1 - W - 6.1 (79.9)
2 - W - 1.1 (14)
3 - L - 7.9 (102.1)
4 - W - 1.1 (14.3)
5 - W - 6.1 (72.9)
6 - L - 5.1 (66.7)
7 - W - 6.9 (96.9)
8 - L - 3.6 (42.9)
9 - W - 3.5 (46.1)
10 - L - 6.2 (81.1)
11 - W - 3.8 (49.9)
12 - L - 9.1 (126.9)
13 - W - 3.6 (47.3)
14 - L - 4.9 (58.3)

Avg: 4.9 (my best ever?)

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