hungarian blues

Sunday, August 19, 2007

anxiety that everpresent fiend greeted my awakening with the wondering would i face the she-wolf the unbeatable she-wolf and then i felt the pressure and the eye dryness before i faced her highness i needed coffee some coffee too much coffee consumed at work like a jerk i let the free flavia lure me across the room too many times a day screwing up my biology thank heavens no heavy traffic on the way to the city but in the city increasing congestion around some park near spring garden everybody rushing towards like people have nothing better to do on a pretty sunday than head to the park did i say pretty what about the impending rain hah you suckas serves you right for shutting off all the parking near the starbucks had to grab and go and across the street i confronted the yogurt shelves with panic and disbelief did they get rid of brown cow my lovely brown cow replace by some gourmet brand made by a human female not a sweet bovine female who with her gift of yogurt given me more joy than any human female the beautiful cow just gives her yogurt and you consume the joy and no psychomotional bullshit after thank the cow god the brown cow was still there only to the right of the gourmet and my pulse slowed and all was good until i reached the pic early because i couldnt hang at starbucks because the stupid no parking because the stupid park event why ever show up early instead of keeping matt in suspense have to worry because she came yes the she-wolf came and threatened to further gobble the remains of my selfsteem but then the pairings were up and first decree the creed of connie really conelica who looked at my setup and crinkled her nose and asked demurely yes i think demurely even though at club they voted no demure for connie but i say demurely she said do we have to and i said no thats fine use your board and ur prettier tile bag i like my colored bag anyway and your rack yes i know your rack is better than mine because even if money cant buy happiness it can still buy that but wait but wait last minute entrants would they affect the pairings would i have to face the she-wolf no it was still good still fourteen for us and so connie with her pretty board and her pretty rack of pretty tiles came at me hard with tontines then much too high poxed to put me on defense and force the phony voweldumping adita* and then i finally started to come back 39 4 fez gave me the lead and i won by 14 whew narrow escape on to mitchymoo who once upon a yupon felt croupy in my solaria his skin sore from sanders started a comeback with squeal for mucho but from then on all fizzle to my nitrids and for a final blow botanist flow on to flo who like the creed fired first leadiest greeted me upon my return from the car where i had left my coffee unconsumed and causing cause of the increased head pressure that had never abated but only bloomed loudly like a bleating baa-baa but once the coffee kicked in and perhaps aided by yet another fakey fakester phony gowked* i won by 1 what a relief needed to calm down glad for the lunch break to the fresh grocer with king rock school unem and token nonwhiteymcwhite and fear of frizzy hair trumped environmentalism but thats okay cuz i always wanted to ride with the king to the gold peak that seems to be the new thing in town all round it seems from dayton to pa back at the lab it was short work of the shah tough a tense moment when sillies seemed silly but i let it ride thankfully 52 jays put me back in the lead easy choice like with pretty boy and again later incog looked funny but vaunt plus blank gave me lock on hook for gowaned and four in row meant nothing if i couldnt beat the high rates and the king was up next early lead but one really weak play wetter didnt risk t(holed) hook and then king started fiendscoring and beat me to the bingo i held blank but fucked up blocked my last line so on to guria once again early lead escaper but he got traitor then my dearies he got droplets and it was neck and neck and i fucked up the endgame and now just one chance to boost rating and once again i take early lead terpinol against the hungarian but i tried to get phony quothas* by and he bitchslapped then bingoed and then a few turns later again bingoed and i was screwed and pissed and even more pissed when i realize hungry boy wasnt no newbie i shoulda researched i shoulda known i shouldnta tried stupid phony but still whyd he have to challenge he couldnt have been that hungry for the win cuz he has a hot girly and men with the hot girlies dont need to win no tourney cuz they gone get some anyway not like the rest of us mateless schlubs who have to struggle mightily to win respect and dollars so we can then go over to the clubby-club and find a stripper who doesnt look like a skank who wont try to get u kicked out when u get frisky boy the pickins are sure slim tonight these girls rnt even pretending to hav a good time why did it have to be a russian theyr bad news plus tis not as perky as they seemed on stage might as well hav spent my 20 on a crack ho but its raining and windows all fogged up and the cops so many cops these philly cops will shoot a nigga for no reason like all cops give a man a badge and he become a monster free mumia plus its late and still hav episodes of studio 60 to watch nbc fuckers canceled it so much to watch and new tv season starting soon but its going to suck which is okay cuz so much work stupid 40 hours french have it right no time to sleep no time to study no time to drive to farmington and get my respect back get a crack at some scrabble hottie would be so much better than these stupid stripper hos doesnt even have to be hot like joes girl or treys girl or rogers britt goddamn it what is this fucker doing its raining y cant he slow down y cant tori read id even take an older lady like tori so hot if i can just get that rating back maybe ill get some tention so dark on this street need brights and keep eyes on the road not the screen dont want to hit no stupid kid playing would end my life past midnight so late too tired to post web page cant save the world tonight no time for jumble no time for anything no time no time no time


6.4 MAS  
3 JIB  
7.7 (T)ALLER trying to draw power
0 A(D)I(T)A*  
0 DHOW  
0 (K)APA  
0 F(E)Z  
16.4 W(E)EL (S)WInGLES
24.1 SURG(E) shouldnt have emptied bag!
4.9 CRO(U)PY  
3.6 (L)EZ  
1.6 GUM  
10.5 WETTE(R)  
3.3 ADOS  
0 (K)UFI  
10.6 CIS  
0* PR(AY)  
3.5 P(L)ACE  
14.3 OF  
5.1 ER R(E)(D)E
2* (T)A(V)  
3.4 (ROOF)IE  
0 HO(A)GIE  
6.8 EsCAPER  
1.1 QA(T)  
5.1 WA(R)Y  
1.5 TOGA  
2.1 U(R)N  
0 VEX  
16.9 (F)I(RE)S'  
8.2 ZINS  
0 NU  
0 D(O)  
0.9 MAE  
36.8 lose turn ((QUOTHA)S*)  
1.4 FE(T)  
8.1 WAE  
0 BL(AB)S  
0 OR  
0 ULVA  
0* JI(B)  
0 F(ID)O  
--- U(N)  
--- TIRA(D)E  


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