Heavenly Day and Then Not So Much

Thursday, February 22, 2006

The relative proximity of Montreal to Saratoga Springs (190 miles) necessitated that I use the opportunity of the tournament to make a quick sprint north and visit the new Starbucks. Time was a critical factor for a couple of reasons. First, seven or eight new Starbucks in and around Montreal, several in shopping centers which are harder to locate and to get in and out of. Also, there was a store in South Burlington, VT, that had been open for 15 months already. When a store reached a year without my having visited, I started to get worried, because there is always the possibility that a Starbucks will close (gasp!) or be hit by an asteroid before I arrive.

I went awry right away when I neglected to do the simplest of things, to pay attention to the route on my map. Instead I sort of zoned out and assumed I had to take the GWB into NYC to pick up the Thruway. Very, very, wrong--there was a more direct route from Princeton, and between the additional miles and the delay at the bridge and in NYC highway traffic I probably lost an hour. I had already left about 30 minutes later than I hoped because of a problem checking in some code at work, and those 30 minutes translated to extra time on the Turnpike. Finally, at some point during the northward journey the rain turned into snow, and I started to worry that I wasn't going to be able to visit the Montreal stores and thus have sacrificed several hours of work for nothing.

In fact, I questioned whether it was wise to continue driving and risk getting stuck up in Montreal. But if a blizzard were coming in, I though, I surely would have seen it reported when I checked weather.com, right? As a precaution, I called my father and had him check. Just light snow, he said, but a low of 15 F. I had serious doubts, as I was just a couple of hundred miles to the south and it was nowhere near that cold.

But my first concern was Vermont, and as soon as 7:00 rolled around (start of my night minutes) I called the store and learned it closed at 9:00. I made some quick calculations, and I would have had to maitain 60 MPH the rest of the way to reach the store. The snow was getting heavier, and I didn't think that was going to happen, so I had to continue onto Montreal and hope I could finish early enough Friday to leave me time for the detour.

Another concern was that the headache and dehydration that had been plauguing me for several evenings returned.

I was able to hit Plattsburg, at least, just minutes before it closed, grab a yucky pizza from the Hut, and rush on up towards Montreal. Just a few question at the border, and no inspection, and I was able to reach one of the Laval store just minutes before it closed. Then I headed back into the city proper to visit a store on Guy that closed at midnight. By that time I was exwheested, and I was lucky to find a side street that was almost perfect. I was behind a van, and there was no sidewalk on the side where I had parked--lots of privacy for moi.

When I opened the door to dump out my waste material several times during the night and felt the air, I knew my dad must have been mistaken about the temperature's being listed in Fahrenheit, because there is a big difference between -15 C and -15 F, and I would have noticed if it was the latter. Still, that was cold enough to hurt my hands when I took too long taking a photograph.

February 23, 2006

I awoke to bright sun at 7:07. Since several stores in malls didn't open 'til 9:00, I considered trying for a bit more sleep, but thankfully I thought better of it. I had to do a lot of circling around to find parking and the stores, and the one in Place Ville Marie was particularly time consuming. Then I hit traffic on the way back to Laval, and by the time I got into the mall and found the Starbucks it was well past 9:00 AM.

Back at Place Ville-Marie , I had seen no security and photographed in peace. At Carrefour Laval I did not see security either, but I was questioned, in French, by a man whom I assumed to be with the physical plant. I managed to explain in French that I was trying to visit every Starbucks and taking a photo to prove I had visited--"to prove" was the only word I stumbled over, but I extrapolated from Spanish and he nodded and walked away (maybe he speaks English, but I've learned not all Quebecoise do).

Meanwhile, some Canadian on the CBC was trying to do George Bush imitation, but he just couldn't pull it off--his Canadian accent bled through.

Traffic in the city had not been that bad. The radio was even reporting that it was like a Friday, which meant nothing to me, until they compared it to Sunday. I guess that means a lot of Quebecoise take Friday off? Regardless, once I headed out to Laval I saw heavy traffic back into the city, so I tried a different route out to Longeuil and Brossard, a highway, 19, that turned into regular street through the city. I had hoped it would be two lanes and fast, but no luck there.

Along the way I passed Rue St. Zotique, where at least two massage parlors were located, and I felt a gentle tugging to my right. Even though Stephanie had long since left, I was tempted to see if I could squeeze 30 minutes out of the 200-mile drive that remained. In theory, if you drive fast enough, you can always make up the time, right? Plus, the tournament wouldn't even start on time, I was sure. But then I thought of how long it was taking me to get to the bridge, and of how I still had to find the store in Brossard, and how I needed to go 7-0 to pick up any ratings points in the EB, and I kept driving. Sorry, Terry, no colorful story this time.

It was best that I didn't stop, because by the time I finished the next two stores it was past 11:00, and driving the 190 miles to the Gideon Putnam by 2:00 was looking dicey indeed. On the bright side, the Canadian Supreme Court had ruled that the use of security certificates was unconstitutional, thus proving once again that the Canadians are more enlightened than we Americans. If only their economy didn't suck, and if only it weren't so frickin' cold so much of the year.

I reached the border at 11:37 and was both disappointed to see the line and relieved that it was not longer. By skirting over to the next lane, and then the next, and then the next, I managed to cut my wait, and got through with no inspection. Whew!

150 miles to go, definitely doable, but I had to stop for gas in Plattsburgh. I chose the Exxon hoping it would have a good selection of food, but that was a bust. "Do you have Power Bars?", I asked the uncaring cashier. "Nope." "Fruit?" "Nope." "Slimfast or a protein drink." "Nope, nope, nope." It was all crap, but I had to eat something so I grabbed a granola bar. Joan Kelly would later say it was really smelly. Hope it wasn't spoiled.

When I finally reached my Saratoga Springs exit, I was very glad that I had taken every opportunity to push my speed up because traffic through town was slower than molasses. I arrived about 1 minute before 2:00, and I quickly learned that I was not even close to the last one there. David estimated a start time no earlier than 2:20, so I rushed off for much-needed food. I grabbed a couple of slices of pizza from the first place I spotted, the Saratoga Pizza House. I took them back to the room just in time to start my first game, and I quickly discovered that was some of the worst pizza I had tasted in a long time. Worse than Pizza Yuck even.

But the pizza was soon forgotten as Betty Burton busted out with an early ARTISTI(C), and I was quickly reminded that even 1400 players could be dangerous. I responded with (R)AMILIES, and then things got weird as David called for everybody to stop. Some type of pairings mixup, and it appeared that we might actually have to anull our game. But somehow we ended up still paired, and after her early ARTISTI(C) gave me a scare, I went on to prevail.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, there was one of those automatic paper towel dispensers that creep me out so much. I learned that, in addition to activating by moving your hands in front, whanging the thing on the sign with your noggin will work too.

Next up was Joe Jokubaitis, or as I prefer to call him, my bottomless well of spread. Five bingos, DA(U)NTING, DISROOT, GREATLY, FOLIANT*, and RESigNS, plus the J, Q, and Z boosted me to a 606 score, only the second or third time I had broken 600 in tournament. I jotted down my 604 (really 606), felt a surge of pride, and started to think about how I could have scored higher. Then I looked up and noticed Joseph's (presumed) girlfriend standing next to him, and all of sudden my 604 didn't feel so special anymore.

Against Lydia Keras I ended up drawing three blanks because of an extremely unusual, and disturbing, occurrence. With a 58-point lead, a relatively closed board, and holding the second blank, my win was almost assured. But after failing to find a playable bingo in ADEORU? (S hook, open N, G (no fit OU(T)RA(G)ED), and Y), I played RUDE and drew what looked like crap, AAAIIOP?. I had stopped thinking about a bingo as soon as I saw the second I, and so I never noticed the overdraw and played A(R)IA. I replendished my tiles one at a time, and when I had two down on the table I noticed my error. I called over the director, and David told me this had happened recently and that I wasn't going to like the ruling. Boy, was he right, and I had him bring over the rule book to confirm. Yep, it states that I was to remove my play and my score, follow the overdraw procedure, and lose my turn. I felt strongly that this was an inappropriate penalty for a player who reported himself, as he obviously is not intending to cheat. Needless to say, of course Lydia flipped over my blank, and all of a sudden, with a lost turn and a mandatory exchange on my next, I was looking at a possible loss. Fortunately, my seven-tile exchange yielded the blank and a bingo, but after the game I flatly stated that should this ever happen again, I will not report myself unless the rule is changed.

Fourth game, Joan Kelly, and finally an opponent who worried me. Another worry was that I was drawing too many blanks against weak players and ruining the luck that I would need against real players. Of course, my worries about too much luck disappeared as Joan quickly jumped to a hefty lead (BOOTHED*, MORALES, ZON(K) for 51) despite my bingoing twice (PENTArC(H), INERTI(A)S) and scoring 40 for J(O)UK. I finally took the lead with DELATES, but she came right back with NAEVOID. I still continued to score and posted a 455, but her tiles worked as as well, and she posted a 500. Ouch.

Took my disappointment and went in search of food. Nothing along the main drag grabbed my eye, so I went down a side street and spotted Esperanto. Pretty good burrito.

Some dude named Sam Hollington up first after dinner, and my streak continued. I didn't actually draw both blanks, but the one Sam drew he ended up stuck with.

Next Jason Broersma, and with my opening TARGETS and subsequent scoring I fully expected to steamroll right over him. But then I got quite a while when Jason played BORAXES for 121 to take a commanding lead. I had been trying to remember whether NONREAL* was any good, but his play made my decision for me--I had to take the chance if I hoped to stay in the game. Two turns later I retook the lead with REPAcKE(D), and then DONAtI(V)E two turns after that. Then Jason evened the scores with AIRSUIT*, and the word seemed like it should have been in the top 10,000. "Phony, phony, phony!!!" was ringing in my ear, but losing the challenge would cost me the game for sure. My tiles, GIIMOST with MIG for 24, did not look great compared to the AEFGLMORTW that was in the bag, but with an IOST leave and three decent tiles from that pull, I could manage the win. I convinced myself that AIRSUIT* was plausible after all and let it go. That might have cost me the game, but I was saved by Jason's not knowing that FLEW takes an S.

Joan Kelly had already ruined my tournament by preventing my 7-0, and she almost worsened my predicament in the final round. This time I was partly too blame, by challenging her PELITES, but I made up for it with ST(R)EAKED for 96. Lucky X and Q plays got me a healthy lead, but I could sense Joan setting up a bingo, and I couldn't stop the ANILiNE. Fortunately, it opened up a TWS. Down 36, I was loathe to give up points, but the highest scoring I saw, H(A)REM for 42, left me two As going into the endgame. Might have been a mistake, but I played M(A)RIA for 30 instead, keeping AEH. It was only drawing the J and other blank that saved me.

So there it was, an incredible 13 blanks in seven games. Sounds great? Nope. Maybe it helped me win 6 and keep my ratings, but there would be hell to pay in the main event.

I took my $150, put it with the Philadelphia check that I had not yet deposited, and rushed off to E. Greenbush, where the Starbucks was conveniently located a quarter mile from a Wal-Mart Supercenter. In the back of the parking lot a dark pickup was doing donut-like maneuvers, with the twist that he was intentionally spinning out on what was presumably snow that had not been plowed. Boys will be boys, I suppose.

February 24, 2006

7:09 this time, and when I hopped into the front seat, still half asleep, and looked to my left, the first thing I saw was a big bird coming right at me. Yowza!!! Of course it veered away from the window, but I immediately wondered if it was an omen. Nooooo!!! I remember what happened the last time a bird brought an omen. I took comfort in the fact that this one was white, not black. So I opened my laptop, cranked up Shawn Colvin's "The Bird", and started getting dressed.

Rushed into the Wal-Mart for eatables, and when I looked to my left I saw an employee who bore a striking resemblance to Diane No-Longer-Fontana. Actually, the resemblance wasn't even that close, but I was still pissed at her, Debbie, Aldo, Sal, Christine, and Joel, all of whom arrived on Friday, for having left me to fend for myself in that weak-ass Early Bird field. I thought experts were supposed to have each others' backs.

Something new and surprising at Panera, a bacon/egg/cheese sandwhich, on that trendy cibatta bread, but with actual death-fried egg! The only other chain I know that fries their eggs is Manhattan Bagel.

From East Greenbush I headed to Albany, arriving just before 8:30. I chatted with the manager a bit, and then I turned around and almost did a double-take. "Rod???", I asked of the smiling young man. But no, it wasn't Rod MacNeil, just a lookalike. What was stranger was that he said he had a brother named Rod (but 3 hours away).

Back at the car, I suddenly had a flash. I had been thinking all this time that Saturday's start time would be 9:30, but something was bugging me in the back of my mind, and I decided to check the web site again. Noooooo!!! It was 9:00!!! I had 30 miles to drive, and just under 30 minutes after I left the Starbucks. Blast! Narrowly avoided a speed trap in my rush. I hit the US-9 exit with a few minutes to spare and rushed north and made a dramatic left turn onto the road to the Gideon... only to find it closed!!! AARRGHH!!! Blast! So I took the long route, arrived just a few minutes late, and of course the games had not yet started.

The punishment for having drawn all those blanks in the EB started right away, from my first rack even, DGIOSUY. The rest of my racks were equally ugly--even my bingo, OURARIS. Meanwhile, Paul Avrin was getting easier bingoes, RADIATE, RETINES, and PrEDATE(S). I managed to almost keep up with decent J and Z plays, plus KAN(J)I, plus COWERS for 42, but in the end, as I commented, it came down to those last power tiles, the X and the second blank, and there was nothing I could do.

I was back in blank in game two, and they surely saved me, because I was hurting bad at the onset. Just like Paul, Judy Horn bingoed on her second turn, MANNITE, and I struggled to catch up. When I finally did, with INSULTs, she came back with TARTNE(s)S, but I had a comeback, VIDEO for 42 to take a 5-point lead. The X and the second blank saved me, plus her dearth of vowels, saved me.

During the game I had had an amazingly hard time thinking. After four turns I was down to 11:53 on my clock. I couldn't seem to focus my mind on the tiles, and I worried that I would be like that for the rest of the tournament.

I finally drew well enough against Stefan Rau to win a game and cleanse myself of the stench of inferiority. I might have stepped on Stefan's toes a bit with a little unnecessary coffeehousing as I mulled whether to take 66 points for (E)JECT or close up the board. Stefan was understandibly unsympathetic towards my dilemma.

As I started playing against Cecilia Le, I worried that I had not played enough of the Patty Griffin song I'd been listening to over and over to ensure I drew both blanks. My opening rack, ALNPUUZ worried me, but after ULU I scored with (U)NZIP. Then more crap, AAADJOO, while Cecilia scored big, 94, with BROOD(I)ER. Time to resort to the nuclear option, JO(R)ADA*, and she let it go. After a couple more bad racks, AEGIOOU and AAAGON?, I finally got my bingo, and then my draw improved. I thought I had the game in the bag when Cecilia made a brilliant play, ACIFORM, to win the game. I walked away a little disppointed, but with a newfound respect for Cecilia and woman players in general. Perhaps the attractive ones actually could play and weren't just eye candy after all.

Back to Esperanto, and I tried El Capitan this time, but they screwed it up and put sour cream and god knows what else. I tried to eat it, but I finally started to feel nauseated and had to spit it out onto the street. On the bright side, I had to go back to Esperanto and got more time to ogle the cashier who was cute to the extreme (but not like Vanilla Ice). I was truly mesmerized. I know it's not polite to stare, but I couldn't help it. My gaze was drawn to every inch of flesh she exposed like Bush supporters to a Nascar race.

Oh, before I forget, I promised a few words about the venu. The Gideon Putnam, or at least what I saw of it, is pretty enough. The playing room was spacious and didn't smell bad. The restroom did not feel cramped. Electrical outlets were abundant and conveniently placed. Outside, the hotel is situated inside the Saratoga Spa State Park for the nature lover, though all the snow surely put a damper on some activities. In fact, some roads were closed. Nearby was some type of spa with the mineral springs, and some of the other players seemed to like that sort of thing. Personally, the 25 MPH speed limit into the park was a pain in the ass, but nothing is perfect.

After my game with Fran Silver, my mood turned sharply. I drew both blanks again, but I thoroughly blew the game with a series of mistakes. First was QuALMEr*, which I was sure I had seen somewhere. Then I let Fran get away with ZEPS/(RAISONNE)S* for 42. Then, in an example of the most horrible endgame play ever, I gave up a prime spot to set the G up next to the triple column because I held the case O--that was just stupid logic, and then my weak BIRO play, hoping for a challenge, gave Fran the hook for ARTISTE to bingo out. Seriously the most horrible game I'd played in a while.

I recovered my stride against No-Longer-Pesky Polsky, perhaps by adding some Ghostface Killah into my music mix to accompany the Patty Griffin. The Griffin song was nececessary to generate the good fortune that yielded blanks, but the Ghostface was necessary to give me the aggressiveness that I needed to win against the stronger Main Event field. I took my tiles and my spunk and went on post a 312-point spread. And without phonies. It was a good thing I didn't try any (like T(I)BURoNS* before I found (I)NBURSTs), because Phil was in a challenging mood. He tried to take on the aforemention, and later N(E)ONATES.

Meanwhile, I finally found out who Chris Lipe is. I'd seen an early photo of him, on cross-tables.com I think, and he looked truly geeky. I figured he was about 5'2". So I didn't recognize he was even in the tournament until Stefan pointed him out. I was rather surprised. In person he was a strapping young man, and between brains, looks, and Scrabble talent, it was easy to see why all the women were falling for him. Heck, if I played for that team, I'd have been after him myself.

After my loss to Kevin Colosa, I was feeling like the music was not having little effect anymore. The game started off great--Kevin mysteriously slotted RIG next to the triple row and gave me CHUTE for 39 and a lead. He then bingoed with (I)SOTHERE, but I hooked it on the triple column with SAVAGED for 102 and a 52-point lead. Two turns later I finally got outblanked again, but they came in one bingo, (H)aUNTERs, and after a few turns I had retaken a small lead. Kevin then bingoed again, ALUNITE(s), but I had miracle tiles, V(I)ZIRS for 84 and a 28-point lead going into the endgame. The tile bag looked like crap, and that might have been my undoing, mistracking. It's questionable that I could have blocked all the open lines anyway, but I should have seen the bingo coming. The loss left me on the cusp of despondency at 3-4--the rest of the tournament would be an uphill battle to recrack 1800 and achieve a new peak rating.

After countering Andrew Golding's ASTE(R)OID with ANALYSE and then building a dominating lead, I held GIINTV? and sensed a sure win. But Andrew blocked the I planned to bingo through, and my play of V(E)IN yielded CGGITW?--yuck! I had a bad feeling about WI(N)G, and I ended up drawing CGJTUU?--yucker!!! After an exchange I had to play off C(I)G leaving CEET before finally drawing a bingo, ElECTRO, to counter Andrew's lead-taking INTeRLA(Y). His bingo alone would not have taken the lead had I not been screwing around for four turns, and had I not gotten that bingo before he had a chance to start mucking up the board I probably would have lost. Whew!!!

I rushed towards Albany again, to a mall location this time, and then I stopped at the first Italian restaurant I encountered. I found a nearby parking space off Western, in front of a church I think, and soon entered the blessed land of overcaffeinated wacky dreams.

February 25, 2006

One more Starbucks in the area, the first in Schenectady, turning the town from a joke into a real city. One of the baristas sent me on a wild goose chase for a local greasy-spoon diner that was nowhere to be seen, and after driving up and down State I finally gave up, went back to the Starbucks for a scone and yogurt, and raced up to the Gideon to find Jeremy Frank ready and raring to go. And boy, did he. OXTERS to open, then the perfectly plausible TASTING(S)*. Later, when I simmed the game, I could hardly believe the word is phony. No way I could have challenged that one off, without experience, because when I created my list of -INGS words, I would have removed ones in my regular vocab. Anyway, it was one of those games, and Jeremy went on to score 614 and wipe out all the spread I'd accumulated. During the massacre, I couldn't help but be reminded of a certain election-losing remark by a former Texas gubernatorial candidate.

Evened out in an unremarkable game against Aldo Cardia. The only thing of interest is that I had to take a leap of faith on one of two sixes, either WADIES for 45 or SHAWED for 38. I went with WADIES, and it's good, but I take that as a reminder that I could probably boost my rating by 10s of points if I just buckled down and learned those sixes. Actually, something else I might mention is that I finally got to play RUSHY, a word that I learned from, of all places, a very attractive young woman in California whom I need to find again the next time I visit. I was half hoping Aldo would challenge, because I remember he told me you don't fives, that you are just supposed to learn them through playing. I was hoping he never encountered that one, but he let it go.

I of course knew that the Division 1 field in the main event was going to be less receptive to my phonies, but I decided to give OUTWAIL(S)* a try against Joel Horn anyway. I almost got it past him, but perhaps he remembered my phony from Danbury and decided to challenge me. That one turn probably made the difference.

Despite my urge to go back to Esperanto and check out that cute girl again, I was miffed at them for screwing up my burrito, and I decided to try something else. Compton's advertised breakfast all day, and that was good enough for me. I was disappointed that they were not playing hip-hop, nor were there any ganster rappers in the joint. The cashier was attractive, but in a more homeless kind of way. Unlike the one from Esperanto, this one seemed like she might actually give me the time of day, albeit looking away while she did it.

Besides their excellent hiring practices, I was impressed with the quality of the pancakes. They were excellent, and I had no trouble eating them because Compton's gives out high-quality plastic fork. My biggest complain with most diners is the dinky little forks they give out that are almost impossible to eat pancakes with. Bravo for Compton's!

I went over to the Starbucks to eat my breakfast while watching another episode of Day Break, an excellent concept series that was cancelled by ABC after only six episodes. When learning the news, the show's star Taye Diggs reportedly exclaimed, "But I'm Taye Diggs!!!".

My friend Michael doesn't like watching shows online because of the small size of the window, but I am grateful just to be able to watch the remaining seven episodes. Prior to the '06-07 season, when a series was cancelled, that was pretty much it. Now that we're in the future, good shows like Day Break and Kidnapped at least get an extension of life on the Internet. I sleep a little easier knowing who kidnapped Leopold Caine and that I will eventually find out if Dectective Brett Hopper ever gets out of his repeating day. Cuz personally, I would hate to be trapped in the same day over and over, especially certain days that come to mind.

Outside the Starbucks, a group of girls/young women entered the Starbucks in there pajamas. I was trying to decide if any of them were old enough when they suddenly burst out laughing and pointing out the window. I looked out to see a metal statue of a horse, and then a golden retriever (I think) excitedly sniffing at it. I had to wonder if, in the mind of the dog, that horse was real. Man, if I could only read the minds of dogs, the fortune I could make.

Grrr... my next opponent had the nerve to challenge off my CUTTAR* and then going on to draw really well. What was worse that I felt genuine anger, or something close it, during the game. As far as I could remember, it had been a good long time since I had gotten angry over a Scrabble game. Disappointed with myself, sure, but not genuinely angry to the point that it was hard to focus.

But keeping things in perspective, my feelings would fade quickly, which was not necessarily the case for another young man who was walking around despondent for a different but not entirely unrelated reason. I was going to have to come up with a new nickname, "Danger Girl", and not the exciting kind. Not the 6-foot-tall and buxom world-traveling crime-fighting danger girl, but instead the rip-your-heart-out-deep-fry-it-and-feed-it-to-a-pack-of-wild-dogs kind.

Anyway, later on I tried to cheer up the poor lad, but as I expected, he wasn't adventurous enough to take a swig of the bottle I was offering.

Two games in a row lost to phonies. Should I be learning something from that?

I had blown my chance at 8-6, but at least I managed to beat Sal Piro in a close game and give myself a chance at 7-7. TTwo more blanks towards the end of a strange game allowed me to edge out Eric Kinderman, and I was greatly relieved to have blunted my ratings drop. As usual I rushed off with a plateful of new Starbucks to visit plus an eager anticipation of recovering my stride in Oshawa.

A final note, if memory serves me, and if David Boys and Tony Leah are not in fact the same person, then I believe this is my first Boys tournament, and I must give him credit for running a good show.


0 J(I)GS  
3.6 NIN(O)N  
26.3 COV(E) COVaL(E)NT
8.7 ZOO  
6.3 PEA(T)Y  
0 NEW  
11.6 V(EX)  
0.2 OILED  
6.9 (OW)E  
0 HOE  
35 Q(I)  
0 (Y)OU  
5.9 MUG  
8.7 JAB  
0.4 LEZ  
0 QI  
15.4 NARC  
1.0 VOW  
0 RESigNS  
0 IC(Y)  
4.7 PArODI(E)S DAPSOnE,PEAScOD (missed spot)
8.3 HUNGER  
0 AX  
5.0 NO(O)K  
9.5 RUDE  
63.5 lose turn & blank  
15.6 -AAAIOP want my blank back!!!
20.1 AMI  
0 OWE  
13 LIER  
0 (V)AU  
0 -LQV  
0.2 PENTArC(H)  
2.6 BOUGI(E)  
0 J(O)UK  
0 DEY  
0.4 PIE  
5.1 HUN  
9 XI  
3 WoN  
0 R(O)W  
3.4 GROVE  
0.1 BOW  
2.8 OO(T)  
0.3 nODDIES  
0 NEIF  
0 VIE  
17.6 P(R)EX  
0 NEW  
0 YOU  
0.4 HIP  
0 QI  
0 EF  
0* REPAcKE(D)  
0 UVE(A)  
6.7 DONAtI(V)E  
0 MIG  
0 RO(E)  
0 WOO  
2.9 (P)FUI  
36.4 lose turn  
0.8 (BE)AVER  
6.6 GU(S)T  
0 VOX  
0 QUI(D)  
42.4 -OONNY  
1 d(R)ONE  

1 - W - 7.2 (115.3)
2 - W - 3.6 (42.3)
3 - W - 15.5 (217.5)
4 - L - 6.2 (80.6)
5 - W - 6.3 (81.7)
6 - W - 5.6 (67.1)
7 - W - 10.3 (144.2)

Avg: 7.8
7 GUY miss (PI)U
5.6 EH  
3.8 SUED  
14 HEM  
0.8 JA(I)L  
7.3 Z(O)ON  
11.7 COWERS  
25.1 FON seems too high
0 QI  
0.2 OBIA  
6.7 ABOVES  
2.5 CLON  
0.2 (A)JEE  
18.9 E(V)E  
0 Z(AN)IER  
10.5 INSULTs  
0* VIDEO  
0* REX  
0.5 TReMORS  
0 P(R)IDE  
0 FEU  
18.1 US  
9.7 PUMI(C)E  
0 TUX  
0 MIND(S)  
0 FOG  
0 (E)JECT  
8 H(A)RK  
14 (T)UP P(T)UI
0 (FA)IL  
1.7 ULU  
0 (U)NZIP  
0 JO(R)ADA*  
8.8 OU(R)IE  
15.6 -AAGO  
2.8 DETAiNs  
2.1 (F)OP  
0 (P)ERINEAl  
17.2 (I)CH  
0 GLOV(E)  
2.1 B(A)AL  
4.5 (L)IS  
31 lose turn  
0 WRYE(R)  
0 N(O)GS  
3.0 P(H)ON  
1.9 H(O)RA (G)ONIA
2.9 U(P)  
5.9 RAIS(O)NNE  
36 lose turn (QuALMEr*)  
8.9 QuA(I)L  
10.2 MaXI  
0* GEY  
6.3 BIRO  
0 COAX  
0.4 FUN  
0 (J)US  
0 OLIO  
16.4 (N)AEVI  
0 (C)HILD  
1.9 KO(R)  
0 W(HI)M  
3.4 EgALITE  
13 DORY  
12.7 ABO(I)L  
0 WIPE  
0 FAD  
9.8 ABO(S)  
2.4 (FAD)ED  
0 V(I)ZIRS  
6.3 GI(R)O O(V)ER(R)IGI(D)
6 (Z)IN  
28 F(R)O  
0.9 FERRY  
13.3 BEAU  
0 QU(A)RK  
0 OXO  
5.4 -GJUU  
10.2 C(I)G  
7.2 ElECTRO O(D)E (pass up bingo???)
5.8 VOE  
18 (J)EU  
0.3 E(X)ITED  
8.2 (O)KA  
2.3 ZO(N)AE  
0 (L)AUAN  
0 JI(A)O  
5.4 YERBA  
0 -BEUVV  
5.5 RE(POLISH)  
4.8 M(U)G  
13.1 ABO  
7.7 RUSHY  
0 QI  
8.8 (H)OOFED  
6.1 AGA  
0.5 GLOB  
2.5 JO  
5.2 CH(OW)  
13.7 (O)IL  
12 N(A)  
4.5 U(R)INE  
46.5 lose turn (OUTWAIL(S)*)  
17.4 (W)EAY  
11.9 FOZ(Y)  
2.8 (Q)UA  
2.8 (M)ELEE  
30.8 S(O)D (C)OSTaRDS
0.2 HORNeTS  
8.2 (DO)ING  
3.8 ON  
22 ToSH  
0 (G)R(A)T  
0 C(A)W  
39.3 lose turn (CUTTAR*)  
6.7 (D)UCAT  
0 FAZ(E)  
9.2 POTTO  
0 LEE  
6.7 OW  
0* DEY  
3.1 G(U)T  
15.6 R(EEL)  
0 ID  
13 SLANT  
7 EMEU  
1.3 HUE  
1.4 DOGIE  
11.1 EQ(U)AL  
0.3 MOCS  
3.4 FOR(W)ENT  
7.6 EME  
0.4 NAY  
0 CEIL  
4.6 JUT(S)  
0 VIR(U)S  
4.2 (K)UES  
0 WOP  
1 - L - 8.5 (101.6)
2 - W - 4.3 (55.4)
3 - W - 4.9 (63.6)
4 - L - 8.6 (128.5)
5 - L - 8.1 (88.8)
6 - W - 6.6 (99.1)
7 - L - 6.3 (82)
8 - W - 8.3
9 - L - 3.6 (39.6)
10 - W - 6.0 (84.2)
11 - L - 11.7 (157.8)
12 - L - 9.0 (125.2)
13 - W -
14 - W -

Avg: 7.2

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