The Winter & Lerman Show, Part Three or Four

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I guess I must have been running short of creative ways to make myself late, so I came up with a new one on Sunday morning when I dislodged my rearview mirror when I stumbled hopping to the front of my car. Took me about 20-25 minutes to sort of put reattached the thing in a half-assed way, but in my old age I'm not nearly reckless enough to drive around without a rearview mirror unless I have to.

Add to that CALTRANS's (or is it CALDOT?) propensity to close freeway entrances and exits as well as moving entire highways from one location to another, and I found myself cutting it close once again. But I made it, and for the umpteenth time I faced off against John Karris in the first round. Karris has a bad habit of stumbling across ways to beat me, so I've learned to watch out for the sneaky rascale (that's some French for you). And sure enough, after I played my brilliant opening bingo FORDONE and went to order food, I returned to find that John had despoiled the board with the perfectly pedestrian TONSiLS. Yeah, that's what I wanted to see, Karris's tonsils on the table. Anyway, Karris's sneaky bingo miffed me enough that I took my three power tiles, gave up a reasonably small amount of equity, and won by nearly a 100. Yeah, punk, that's what you get for bingoing while I'm out getting food!!!

I started off well against Jerry Lerman, drawing first blood with dAIMIOS, but then I started to slip. Not that 38.3 equity loss is horrible. Since I lost by 76, I could make the same argument as in Berkeley that the game was unwinnable. But in this case, my mistakes were of a nature that I feel I actually could have won that gwame.

I don't actually know what a blunderbuss is, but it sounds like the perfect word to describe how I played against Jeff Widergren. WANTON ignorance was the death of me--specifically, not knowing that the word takes an S. Avoiding that mistake alone would have saved me from the 36-point loss, but there were oh, so many, others. So for the fourth time in a row, Jeff scored a win over me. In fact, he might be undefeated against me. Jeff did not do as well in the tournament as I imagine he would have hoped, but, and I say this with complete objectivity and lack of ego, I suspect he was so elated over having beaten me again that he hardly cared about his overall record.

My blundering continued on into my game with Stu Goldman as I lost my first turn to TAPI(Z)*. And despite the lost challenge, the word still looks right to me! Then, after Stu bingoed with DAUbIER, I missed PAT(R)IATE (APATITE didn't play), and I saw my chances of getting back to 1800 slipping away. But I told myself to ignore the score and just make the best plays, and six turns later I took a 13-point lead with my second bingo. In the end, better endgame tiles helped me to victory.

Next up was Felix the Frustrator. Unfortunately for the poor young lad (though if you ask he will claim he is not a teenager), his frustrative powers were floundering, and he soon found himself flailing like a Fallujan fish-fondler. I almost felt sorry for him, when, after I surged ahead with the mild triple-triple TAUN(T)ERS, he overcame a 104-point deficit over four turns only to see me bingo with ENVIROS as soon as he opened the board. And then I pulled tEAZLED out of the bag, and that was that.

Not quite. Felix was presented with a second chance to frustrate me in the KOTH round, but instead he flailed yet more furiously as I surged forth to another victory. Not that I played perfectly by any means. My pre-sim highlight blunder was obvious right after I hit the clock. Deciding REW(A)KING was no good, I played G(A)WKIER for 60 instead, and then I saw a bingo I knew was good. I grumbled, but not to long, because after about a minute Felix challenged, so I guess it worked out. Yep, all sorts of wackiness abounded in that final game, like UN(MIR)ED*, U(N)FULL*, and the challenged-off CLIENTS/(EPIGEAN)S*.


8 CITIE(S)  
0.4 OUTR(I)G  
0 ZI(T)S  
6.3 DA(I)nTILY  
0 CON(E)Y  
1.6 A(G)ROUND  
0 BREWE(D)  
2.7 ULAMA  
20.1 (F)AVOR  
0 BEN(N)E  
1.9 AGIO  
2.3 RAW  
5.3 U(L)U (L)UAU
9.7 KEA KE(d)GE
0.7 JEST  
0 DIG  
4.6 (G)LEN -LNNN
2.9 TARO  
0 NOR  
0.9 NAB  
1 QIS  
9 (O)X  
15.6 O(O)ZY  
0 V(A)LIUM*  
7.4 sERRANO  
37.3 lose turn  
2.7 ANA  
5.8 DE(I)CE  
9.8 NURL  
0 OX  
18.7 WY(E)  
5.8 OF  
2 QAT  
8.3 lose turn  
51.3 PATTE(R)  
1 OKA  
0 FA  
0 AW  
4.8 AX  
0 (E)JECT  
4.8 HOAR  
7.9 TI(D)Y  
0 PINY  
0 VOW  
6.9 ME(E)D  
1.2 (L)OUT  
0 PUG  
0 AMIA  
11.3 Q(I)  
9.9 N(O)RI  
3 SRI  
--- -DDOR suspected fake phony
1.1 YOM  
0 UN(MIR)ED*  
1.2 F(L)Y FRYPA(N)
0 P(I)VOT  
0 RA(N)I  
0 RECOD(E)  
3.6 WINS  
6.1 Qu(A)LE  
8.9 NAOI  
0 BED  
0 DARn  

Average Equity Loss Per Turn (using Quackle 0.93)

1 - 3.6 (39.1) 2 - 2.7 (38.3) 3 - 9.3 (111.9) 4 - 6.6 (79.1) 5 - 8.9 (116.3) 6 - 4.6

Avg: 6.0

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