Starbucks in Sarasota Bradenton

75th St & Cortez Rd, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/16/2005

The secrets of Starbucks are revealed, in a small way, at this store, in the form of storage cabinets visible from the lobby. Customers can plainly see that, contrary to popular belief, supplies at your local Starbucks are not stocked by indentured house elves.

Lakewood Ranch Blvd & Main St, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 8/29/2007, PHOTO: 7/31/2008

Manatee Ave & 59th St, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 11/3/2008, PHOTO: 3/1/2009

SR 64 & I-75, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 8/23/2013, PHOTO: 3/10/2015

SR 70 & I-75, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 12/1/2006, PHOTO: 1/7/2007

SR 70 & Lockwood, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 3/11/2016, PHOTO: 6/17/2016


US 41 & 53rd Ave, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 10/17/2014, PHOTO: 3/10/2015


US 41 & Manatee Ave, Bradenton, Florida
OPENED: 3/21/2009, PHOTO: 3/25/2013, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/20/2009

Prime Outlets at Ellenton, Ellenton, Florida
OPENED: 6/9/2007, PHOTO: 6/21/2007

1st St & Central Ave, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2013, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/16/2005


3604 84th Ave Circle East, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 4/24/2015, PHOTO: 1/5/2016


443 St Armands Circle, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/26/2004

5485 University Parkway, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/10/2004

5825 Derek Avenue, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 2/1/2014, PHOTO: 3/10/2015


Bee Ridge & Beneva, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/21/2002

When I visited this store, at one of the busiest intersections in the area, I was told it was the busiest store in Florida, and perhaps the region, beating out the other store in Sarasota, Midtown Plaza.

Bee Ridge Rd & Cattlemen Rd, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 5/20/2012, PHOTO: 3/25/2013

This store has a unique feature, a tube Siren, which I think was made by this shop...

Fruitville Rd & Honore Ave, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2013, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/26/2004


Midtown Plaza, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2013, ORIGINAL VISIT: 1/29/2000

This smart little store is more spacious than it looks, from outside.

S. Tamiami Trail & Beneva, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 9/16/2016, PHOTO: 11/20/2016

The largest store in Sarasota!

Sarasota Square Mall - First Level, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 12/1/2006, PHOTO: 6/21/2007

Southgate Plaza, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 12/22/2006, PHOTO: 6/21/2007

University Town Center Mall, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: 10/16/2014, PHOTO: 3/10/2015

US 41 & Worrington Ave, Sarasota, Florida
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/10/2004