Starbucks in Oahu

Aiea Shopping Center, Aiea, Hawaii
OPENED: 1/15/2003, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Borders Pearlridge, Aiea, Hawaii
OPENED: 10/14/2005, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Pearlridge Center, Aiea, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/21/1997, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Pearlridge Mall, Aiea, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/28/1997, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Stadium Marketplace, Aiea, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/3/2005, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Waimalu Shopping Center, Aiea, Hawaii
OPENED: 8/28/2006, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Keanunui & Ft Weaver, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
OPENED: 4/19/2013, PHOTO: 6/3/2015

Pupukea, Haleiwa, Hawaii
OPENED: 2/5/1998, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

The only store on the fabled North Shore.

Aina Haina, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 7/17/2014, PHOTO: 6/5/2015

Airport Trade Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 9/17/2003, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Ala Moana & Coral, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 9/29/2012, PHOTO: 6/3/2015

Ala Moana Center kiosk, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 3/27/2014, PHOTO: 6/4/2015

Alakea & King, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Bishop, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 8/11/1997, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Duty Free Shopper, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 12/8/1997, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

This kiosk is a bit prettier than usual. The manager disagreed, but I think it has a bit of an Asian look and feel, along the roof (which can't be seen from this angle). Would be appropriate, because this store, in the duty free shops, is heavily trafficked by Japanese. In fact, the drink menu is in Japanese as well as English!

Financial Plaza, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 1/28/2000, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

This store, the largest of the four downtown, is well-decorated with some interesting-looking pottery. Wish I had had more time to examine it, but parking in Honolulu (known colloquially as "The Lu") is pretty tight.

Hawaii Kai Town Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 4/14/2005, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

HELP!!! I've lost track of which store this is--is it still open???

Kahala Mall, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 12/12/1996, PHOTO: 6/5/2015, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/28/2006

Kahala Mall DTO, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 12/5/2014, PHOTO: 6/5/2015

The only drive-thru/walk-up store in Hawaii!

Kamehameha Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 3/14/2006, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/28/2000, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

This location, a couple of miles from Waikiki Beach, is appropriately decorated with photos of water activities.

Keeaumoku, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 10/9/2004, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Koko Marina, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 2/25/1999, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Macys Ala Moana, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 2/15/2002, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Manoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 10/17/1998, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

When visiting this store, be sure and look for the old black and white photographs of the area, including one of a store called the Manoa Market that used to occupy this 30s-era building.

Moanalua Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 6/6/2006, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Ohana Waikiki West, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/30/2002, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Outrigger Reef, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 7/20/2004, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Park Shore Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 1/29/2002, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Right across from the road running down Waikiki Beach, this store offers a great view... of scantily clad beachgoers.

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 7/7/2007, PHOTO: 4/15/2009

This store offers menus in Japanese!

Sears Ala Moana Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/9/2002, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

To the best of my recollection, one of two Starbucks attached to a Sears in the United States (the other is in Seattle).

Waikiki Shopping Plaza kiosk, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 1/17/2014, PHOTO: 6/4/2015

Waikiki Trade Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 8/31/2000, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Ward Entertainment Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 8/3/2001, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Ward Gateway, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 11/21/2005, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Windward City Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
OPENED: 6/8/1998, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

There is actually a mall, but the Starbucks is not in it.

Enchanted Lakes, Kailua, Hawaii
OPENED: 1/23/2006, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Aye, yo! Where my lakes at??? I ain't seen no lakes!!!

Kailua Village, Kailua, Hawaii
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/28/2006

Kaneohe, Kaneohe, Hawaii
OPENED: 12/7/2004, PHOTO: 4/24/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/28/2006

Windward Mall, Kaneohe, Hawaii
OPENED: 9/6/2013, PHOTO: 6/5/2015

Halekuai Center, Kapolei, Hawaii
OPENED: 10/17/2001, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, Hawaii
OPENED: 7/22/2006, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Mililani Mauka, Mililani, Hawaii
OPENED: 8/8/2013, PHOTO: 6/3/2015

Mililani Shopping Center, Mililani Town, Hawaii
OPENED: 7/1/1998, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Mililani Town Center, Mililani Town, Hawaii
OPENED: 9/21/2004, PHOTO: 6/3/2015, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/29/2006

Pearl City Shops, Pearl City, Hawaii
OPENED: 8/17/2007, PHOTO: 4/15/2009

Waianae Mall Shopping Center, Waianae, Hawaii
OPENED: 4/19/2007, PHOTO: 4/24/2007

Odd. This is a brand new store, but it has an old, old design.

Kunia Shopping Center, Waipahu, Hawaii
OPENED: 9/1/2005, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Laniakea DT, Waipahu, Hawaii
OPENED: 10/11/2006, PHOTO: 10/29/2006

Waikele, Waipahu, Hawaii
OPENED: 6/22/2004, PHOTO: 10/29/2006