Pennsylvania Bound

Updated July 16, 2007, 9:30 GMT-5. Location: Atlantic City, NJ. Next stop: jobby-job in West Chester, PA.

Starting mileage: 52169
Miles detoured (from direct route to West Chester): ?
New stores visited: 14
Stores rephotographed: 6
Recognition ratio: 7/12 (2 stealth)
Coffee consumed: (X - 2) * 4 + 9 = 49 oz + 2 DoubleShot

July 15

Rush to Scrabble.

July 14

8:09, and the effects of that fake benadryl plus the previous night's lingered sleep deprivation. I was glad that I still had a sample coffee from the previous night and two more in the Knoxville area to visit. I'd be needing that joe.

Bastards!!! They caved into pressure and closed the Forbidden City store and didn't publish it in advance! It would have been a financial strain, but I think I could have managed the trip. COME ON STARBUCKS, STOP CLOSING STORES WITHOUT TELLING ME!

Finally tried the marked-out low-fat blueberry pound cake I was given. Definitely a different taste--I'd just as soon have a smaller portion of the regular cake.

Oh, fuck!!! As if keeping away from news of The Sopranos finale wasn't bad enough, now I have to deal with the end of Harry Potter. Already had one major event ruined by Studio 360, a major event from the sixth book. I started thinking I might have to read the sixth book ASAP so I could read the final one upon release.

Oldy McMoldy is not going to move.

Interesting. From looking at several ads on CL, making several calls, and stopping at one place, it appears that Charlotte is a more expensive town for massage--$80/hr. Why would that be?

Pollo Inka

Which is better--Pepe the Pelican or Humpy the Pelican?

Guess construction still partners there! The super

July 13

7:54, and I was on my third dream, at least in which I was trying to sleep. False awakenings are common when I'm sleep-deprived.

singing something like "I love the Waffle House. I love the Waffle House". Poor kid.


Pulled off the interstate in Meridian to find some grub. Locally owned restaurants along 8th St. were scarce. On the west side of town, the only one that looked appealing was a burger joint called Mr. Rodgers. Upon walking in, I felt an instant fast-food vibe--the place didn't strike me as one where I would get a good-quality burger. The fact that none of the employees looked very happy to be there didn't help.

Jared's Sandwiches, charming decor

stopped to check e-mail, noticed inmates of Lauderdale County wandering around in the open with green-striped jumpsuits. WTF???

Adrienne Young

Salvadorean no yucca, cook lady left

Hmmm... unsure about the ethics of this, but I was able to confirm that the Maryville Starbucks has not yet opened by calling the Shoney's next to it. This was after the barista in Pigeon Forge couldn't tell me, so I blame Starbucks.

Much cooler in Knoxville, aaahhhhh.

July 12

Left the house a 12:45 with a sheen of sweat on my skin. Every time my car stopped moving (no breeze), the sweating started, and I was eager to get far enough north that the weather would cool off.

First though, I had to stop off for a drug test for my latest contract, the first such test I could remember taking in a long, long time. I had debated whether to refuse to take the test on principle, but I couldn't figure out exactly what the principle needed to be. It wasn't privacy--I oppose that. It was more like that it was really that whether I used drugs or not was irrelevant to computer programming, but the problem is that I do not know all the reasons for the test. I suppose the correct action would be to ask the client company, but I haven't figured out how to do that in a way that will not automatically cause them to rescind the job offer.

They took me immediately at the testing center, and I finished with plenty of time to make some tough decisions. For lunch, would it be Freebird's, the healthier option, or yummy yummy DoubleDaves for lunch. Either way, my last dose for as long as the job lasted. Additionally, I had about an hour before the outbound rush hour, which gave me time either for a last dose of Treasures or a massage. Where I was headed, I knew the strip clubs did not compare to Houston, and the massage options were severely limited compared to the endless sea of bodywork that is Houston (and Dallas, and Austin).

Smooth ride to Nacogdoches, and from there out to Shreveport, in time to reshoot a store before heading to the new one.

Decide to stay in Ruston to reshoot the store, but just toss and turn from 10:00 until maybe 2:00 AM. Finding a dark place to sleep was not a problem, nor were passersby or cops--it was the heat! Had to get up around midnight to go find Gatorade, felt so deprived of nutrients. On top of which, the new arrangement of cushions and padding in the back of my car wasn't quite working out. Uncomfortable. Need to redo when I had time and light.

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