Final Update: April 27, 2005 log continues here

April 27

The Baltimore Sun article was published, and my greatest fears were realized--those fucking fuckers got my name wrong. I don't know if it was the reporter or an editor, so I don't know who to blame, but I'm pissed. So pissed that I'm trying to conceive of ways to guarantee my name will be printed correctly or not do any more print interviews. I'm really hating the media right now.

Nevertheless, I walked into my usual morning Starbucks hoping some customer had pointed the article out to the staff, and that I would get some recognition, maybe a request to sign the article. Nope. So sad. north bay, yukon? had probably seen but not notice blinking green light w q regional municipality 110 mph on 400 south speed, speed, speed, shot, bayview/7 open, quick burger king lame detour 2 house of lanc, closed lanes though would miss milton but 15 to spare, no happy planedt lots 100 mph cars closest encounter with actual skunk, kinda cute, wanted to pet it I stopped in St. Catharine's and tried to sleep a couple of hours to let any cross-border traffic die down park in sbux lot, lights on when i arrive, car parks right in front, i buy stuff and 2 more cars ruin my shot, 6:40 AM saturday

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