In Between Time

Updated June 24, 2004

June 18, 2004

My big trip had ended with the photo shoot for Fortune, but the saga continued. I drove up to Dallas Thursday night for Scrabble club and a tournament on Friday. Even though I was no longer a member of 24-Hour Fitness, I still parked in the usual location for the night, and I was woken at 7:00 in the morning with a phone call from a radio station in Springfield, IL, who wanted to interview Schmoopie after reading the article that was published in the State Journal-Register. They decided it would be fun to include me too, and I was certainly game. It was a new experience, to be interviewed along with somebody else, and pretty exciting!

I went back to sleep for an hour, and then I got up and visited three Starbucks. I called the photographer about meeting for coffee and left a message--she never called back. I was so sad. But at least I got to visit three new Starbucks before heading out to Arlington for Scrabble, and I scored a Chicago mug that, for some reason, Starbucks had determined would sell well in Dallas. Something about demographic studies or something.

June 19

I had decided not to travel to Ft. Worth and Weatherford the previous night, in part because I was hungry and tired, but also because I needed to conserve my gas, figuring it would be more efficient to wait until circumstance took me out in that direction. Same for Hillsboro. But Saturday morning found me in a parking lot in Irving, and Lewisville wasn't too far. I figured the gas I'd spend driving up there would be equaled by the free coffee, which I would otherwise have to purchase at another store.

June 21

On Saturday night I had seen Saved! at the Angelika and paid with the fifty I won in the Early Bird Scrabble tournament. Sunday morning I realized I had not been given my change. I called as soon as possible, of course, but I ended up having to return to the Angelika after the tournament and wait until the general manager arrived. The cashier's drawer had come up even, but they contact him and learned he had placed my change in the vault. For making me wait, they gave me two free passes. I left quite relieved, but also miffed at the female manager who had treated me so uncaringly earlier. Her tone definitely implied that I was making the story up, and she went even further and turned condescending, scolding me for not having paid attention to my change. Yeah, that's what a guy that's just lost a lot of money wants to hear!

But I took the free passes, and I waited around to see The 24th Day. I didn't stick around for the entire movie--it got boring, but still it was late enough that I figured I might as well stay the night and take a daylight photo of the Ennis store. The next morning I took one photo around 6:00 AM, then went over to the Wal-Mart Supercenter for more sleep, and then took a better photo around 8:00.

June 23

I received an e-mail from another radio station, in Canada this time. On Tuesday I received on from a station in Mobile, AL. What was going on, I wondered--did the station in Springfield put me up on some board, or was this just a coincidence. I'm getting excited about all these media opportunities coming all at once, after a dry spell that lasted over a year I think.

On the flip side, I received my first piece of hate mail in quite a while, from an anti-corporate, anti-Starbucks dude. I was so hurt. At least he did one good thing, to correct my spelling of "gigalo".

June 24

Had my interview with WABB. Don't think I did as well as in previous interviews. Maybe I'm out of practice.

Later, at the usual Starbucks, I tried to hit on a businesswoman-type by calling her a cheater, for having a copy of the Cliff's Notes of Jane Eyre. Maybe not such a good way to start a conversation.

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