Starbucks in Kingston Belleville


295 North Front Street-Bellevi, Belleville, Ontario

OPENED: 12/20/2015, PHOTO: 5/2/2016

King George Square, Belleville, Ontario

OPENED: 10/1/2022, PHOTO: 6/25/2023

Grab-and-go only.

North Front-Bell Blvd, Belleville, Ontario

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 1/3/2011, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/12/1999


1151 Division Street, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: 10/2/2008, PHOTO: 6/27/2022, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/4/2009


121 Division Street, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: 11/11/2005, PHOTO: 11/26/2005

There aren't many stores in the Kingston/Belleville triangle, so saying this is the prettiest ain't saying much. But fact is, this Starbucks, taking up part of what used to be a school, is one of the prettier stores in all of Ontario.

599 Taylor Kidd Blvd, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: 5/5/2006, PHOTO: 8/19/2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/2/2007

949 Futures Gates, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: 9/23/2017, PHOTO: 2/17/2019


95 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/26/2004

Highway 15 & Rose Abbey Drive, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: 11/10/2017, PHOTO: 2/18/2019, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/15/2019

This store features a beautiful painting by Toronto artist Meghan Claire Kehoe...

Indigo Cataraqui Centre, Kingston, Ontario

OPENED: 9/24/2018, PHOTO: 2/16/2019

This relocation, from the nearby Chapters, is unusual because while it technically sits inide the Indigo, it effectively has its own space.

34 Monogram Place, Trenton, Ontario

OPENED: 9/30/2019, PHOTO: 2/15/2020

The other Trenton!

Closed Stores
Note that if the name of a store listed as closed has a link, that indicates that the store was converted to a licensed store (or possibly franchised, if in the UK or France).
??? Jul 2018 2376 Princess Street
??? ??? Kingston Indigo
1/13/2011 ??? Princess & Sydenham-Kingston

Licensed Stores
My Starbucking rule regarding store ownership are complicated and will be explained fully in my as-yet-unpublishe book, but here are the basics. If Starbucks has a proper company in a country, such as Starbucks United States or Starbucks United Kingdom, then I only count stores operated, in whole or in part (sometimes there are partnerships) by Starbucks. In these countries, stores operated under license by other companies do not count. In most countries, however, Starbucks operates stores in a joint venture with another company (such as Tata in India) or licenses the brand to a primary (exclusive or semi-exclusive) partner, such as Alsea in Latin America and western Europe or Al-Shaya in the Middle East). In such cases I visit stores operated by those primary licensees, but not stores licensed to secondary licensees such as SSP or HMSHost. Additionally, in the U.K. and France, Starbucks franchises to a small set of companies, and I do not count those stores.
Loblaws Princess Street Kingston
ONroute @ Napanee Drive Thru
Queens Univ Innovation
Sodexo@Queens Univ School of Busine
Target - Cataraqui Town Center 3591
Teavana - Cataraqui Town Centre
Teavana - Quinte Mall