Starbucks in Greensboro

Burlington Mall, Burlington, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/13/2005

This store is cool for having a neat feature, a bank vault. But men should be careful in the restroom. It does not lock, and if you happen to be in the stall making kiwi, and if you happen to be angled behind the toilet (for style points), and if you did not close the door, and if some unsuspecting innocent might be positioned just right in the hallway, then she might get a glimpse of your manhood when another customer opens the door.

University Commons, Burlington, NorthCarolina
OPENED: 6/16/2006, PHOTO: 7/6/2006

Battlegrnd Ave & Horse Pen Crk Rd, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: 2/8/2008, PHOTO: 3/8/2015, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/17/2008



Battleground Ave at Edney Ridge Rd, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: 4/21/2017, PHOTO: 6/12/2017

This store is quite unusual because it has the exact same address as the old Battleground Village store, but that entire building was torn down, and what you see is newly built, meaning that I am able to count it as a new store.


Four Seasons Towne Centre, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 2/4/2000

For a mall location, this kiosk ain't bad, in no small part because of the atrium that features a pit with a piano, and a set of steps/seats suitable for the occasional performance to go with the coffee.

Friendly - HT, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 1/9/2007


Guilford College, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2001

Jefferson Village, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: 5/25/2007, PHOTO: 6/11/2007

Patriots Place, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: 2/15/2006, PHOTO: 7/6/2006

Shops on Battleground, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/8/2015, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/30/2004


South Elm & I-85, Greensboro, NorthCarolina
OPENED: 8/25/2006, PHOTO: 2/18/2013, ORIGINAL VISIT: 1/9/2007


High Point, NC, High Point, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/8/2004

Shoppes at Deep River, High Point, NorthCarolina
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/12/2003