Starbucks in Greater Cincinnati


Fairfield & Patchen Ave, Bellevue, Kentucky

OPENED: 9/29/2022, PHOTO: 7/6/2023

This store offers a fantastic view of the Cincinnati riverfront.

Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, Kentucky

OPENED: 4/24/2023, PHOTO: 7/6/2023


Crestview Hills, Crestview Hills, Kentucky

OPENED: Oct 2005, PHOTO: 5/25/2007

Hwy 42 & Express St, Florence, Kentucky

OPENED: 9/26/2019, PHOTO: 12/20/2021, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/7/2019


Mall & Plaza, Florence, Kentucky

OPENED: 11/17/2006, PHOTO: 5/25/2007

Newport Ft. Thomas, Newport, Kentucky

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/28/2001

This store, the first on the Kentucky side of the river, has a cool new type of partition I'd not seen anywhere else. Rather than being like a short wall, the partition consists of two thin metal poles on either side of which are affixed two large boards of indeterminate composition (since I lacked my tricorder). I wish Starbucks would get behind me on this project and allow me to take photos of these cool features, if they weren't so freaked about that whole corporate espionage thing.

I-75 & Mary Grubbs Hwy, Walton, Kentucky

OPENED: 9/27/2021, PHOTO: 12/20/2021


Licensed Stores
My Starbucking rule regarding store ownership are complicated and will be explained fully in my as-yet-unpublishe book, but here are the basics. If Starbucks has a proper company in a country, such as Starbucks United States or Starbucks United Kingdom, then I only count stores operated, in whole or in part (sometimes there are partnerships) by Starbucks. In these countries, stores operated under license by other companies do not count. In most countries, however, Starbucks operates stores in a joint venture with another company (such as Tata in India) or licenses the brand to a primary (exclusive or semi-exclusive) partner, such as Alsea in Latin America and western Europe or Al-Shaya in the Middle East). In such cases I visit stores operated by those primary licensees, but not stores licensed to secondary licensees such as SSP or HMSHost. Additionally, in the U.K. and France, Starbucks franchises to a small set of companies, and I do not count those stores.
Kroger Covington 392
Kroger Florence #466
Kroger-Newport, KY #423
N Kentucky Conv Ctr
Target Florence T-1200
Target Newport T-2483
Teavana - Florence Mall