Starbucks in FortWayne

Auburn Fort Wayne Ft Wayne Ft. Wayne

I 69 & SR 8, Auburn

OPENED: 26 January 2007, PHOTO: 03 December 2011


Dupont & Auburn, Fort Wayne

OPENED: 07 December 2007, PHOTO: 01 February 2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 13 November 2008

Glenbrook Square Mall, Fort Wayne

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 04 November 2005

Jefferson & Fairfield, Fort Wayne

OPENED: 29 September 2006, PHOTO: 18 May 2007

I regret that I was in too much of a hurry to ask if this unusual building design was pre-existing or built newly for the Starbucks. Thankfully, a reader tells me that the building used to be a Firestone Tire and is designated as historic.However, the area to the left of the covered patio is new construction.

Jefferson & I-69, Ft. Wayne Relo, Fort Wayne

OPENED: 16 September 2011, PHOTO: 03 December 2011

This store was relocated from a strip to a free-standing location, and now, besides LEED certification, displays a large mural paying tribute to a famous local, Johnny Appleseed.

Jefferson Pointe - Ft. Wayne, Fort Wayne

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 01 February 2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 23 September 2002

Lima & Dupont, Fort Wayne

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 01 February 2009


Scott and Illinois, Fort Wayne

OPENED: 23 September 2014, PHOTO: 29 November 2014

This store has an entire wall full of old photographs of the area.


State & Coliseum, Fort Wayne

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 04 November 2005

Coliseum & Coldwater, Ft Wayne

OPENED: 17 November 2006, PHOTO: 01 February 2009


Lima & Ludwig, Ft. Wayne

OPENED: ?, PHOTO: 01 February 2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 22 October 2004

Closed Stores
Jefferson & I-69, Ft. Wayne
Jefferson & I-69, Ft. Wayne


Licensed Stores (not operated by Starbucks)

The list below is not meant to be a complete list of licensed stores. Some licensed stores are not listed on the Starbucks web site, and some of the stores listed below might have closed. That's not really important. I only keep track of them so I know which ones I don't need to visit. But if you know for certain that any of these are actually operated by Starbucks, please let me know (and send me a phone # so I can double-confirm).

First Class - Ft Wayne Airport
Kroger - Fort Wayne #972
Kroger - Ft Wayne #990
Meijer - Ft. Wayne #124
Meijers - Fort Wayne #138
Meijers-Fort Wayne #138
Target Fort Wayne SW T-2440
Target Fort Wayne T-1933
Target Ft. Wayne/Glenbrook T-2217