Starbucks in Fort Wayne


I 69 & SR 8, Auburn, Indiana

OPENED: 1/26/2007, PHOTO: 12/3/2011, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/18/2007


Coliseum & Coldwater, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 11/17/2006, PHOTO: 2/1/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/18/2007


Dupont & Auburn, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 12/7/2007, PHOTO: 2/1/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/13/2008

Fort Wayne - Maysville & Meijer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 3/10/2018, PHOTO: 4/2/2018


Glenbrook Square Mall, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/4/2005

I-69 & Jefferson, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 9/16/2011, PHOTO: 12/3/2011

This store was relocated from a strip to a free-standing location, and now, besides LEED certification, displays a large mural paying tribute to a famous local, Johnny Appleseed.

Illinois & Thomas, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 12/14/2020, PHOTO: 8/9/2021


Jefferson & Fairfield, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 9/29/2006, PHOTO: 5/18/2007

I regret that I was in too much of a hurry to ask if this unusual building design was pre-existing or built newly for the Starbucks. Thankfully, a reader tells me that the building used to be a Firestone Tire and is designated as historic.However, the area to the left of the covered patio is new construction.

Lima & Dupont, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 2/1/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/4/2005


Scott and Illinois, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 9/23/2014, PHOTO: 11/29/2014

This store has an entire wall full of old photographs of the area.

State & Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/4/2005

W. Jefferson & Mallard Cove, Fort Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: 3/16/2017, PHOTO: 5/19/2017


Lima & Ludwig, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 2/1/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/22/2004

Closed Stores
Note that if the name of a store listed as closed has a link, that indicates that the store was converted to a licensed store (or possibly franchised, if in the UK or France).
??? 9/15/2011 Jefferson & I-69, Ft. Wayne
Fort Wayne
photo photo
??? 12/7/2020 Jefferson Pointe - Ft. Wayne
Fort Wayne
photo photo

Licensed Stores
My Starbucking rule regarding store ownership are complicated and will be explained fully in my as-yet-unpublishe book, but here are the basics. If Starbucks has a proper company in a country, such as Starbucks United States or Starbucks United Kingdom, then I only count stores operated, in whole or in part (sometimes there are partnerships) by Starbucks. In these countries, stores operated under license by other companies do not count. In most countries, however, Starbucks operates stores in a joint venture with another company (such as Tata in India) or licenses the brand to a primary (exclusive or semi-exclusive) partner, such as Alsea in Latin America and western Europe or Al-Shaya in the Middle East). In such cases I visit stores operated by those primary licensees, but not stores licensed to secondary licensees such as SSP or HMSHost. Additionally, in the U.K. and France, Starbucks franchises to a small set of companies, and I do not count those stores.
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