Starbucks in Flagstaff

I-17 & Hwy 260, Camp Verde, Camp Verde, Arizona
OPENED: 9/30/2005, PHOTO: 1/4/2006

This store has (as of Jan '05) the tallest (but not biggest) freeway sign.

1307 S. Milton Rd., Flagstaff, Flagstaff, Arizona
OPENED: 6/30/2006, PHOTO: 4/2/2007

Route 66 & Ponderosa Pkwy, Flagstaff, Arizona
OPENED: 9/10/2015, PHOTO: 8/3/2016


Hwy 69 & Hwy 89, Prescott, Arizona
OPENED: 5/9/2013, PHOTO: 7/1/2013


Iron Springs & Gail Gardner Way, Prescott, Arizona
OPENED: 1/19/2007, PHOTO: 4/2/2007

Montezuma & Sheldon, Prescott, Prescott, Arizona
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 4/2/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/22/2000

Glassford Hill Rd & Sundogs, Prescott Valley, Arizona
OPENED: 7/18/2016, PHOTO: 8/3/2016

Hwy 89A & Kallof Pl, Sedona, Sedona, Arizona
OPENED: 9/21/2015, PHOTO: 8/3/2016

Starbucks opened a corporate store in Sedona about a decade ago, but it was sadly converted into a licensed store. I'm quite glad to see that a new corporate store was opened, because Sedona, and the drive to the city, is quite beautiful.